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X – A Sexy Horror Story, a clip of Ti West’s thrilling horror

X – A Sexy Horror Story promises sparks and presents itself as a different slasher from the others on the market. A summer horror that promises to make you jump from the cinema seat, out in theaters on July 14 for Koch Media

A brutal confrontation between generations, violence and sex: all this is X – A Sexy Horror Story, by director-writer Ti West with Mia Goth, Martin Anderson and Jenna Ortega. The film, brought to theaters by Midnight Factory (label owned by Koch Media), and by A24production studio of Hereditary – The Roots of Evil, Midsommar – Village of the Damned, The Witch and The Lighthouse, promises strong emotions for lovers of the genre and beyond. The director, already known for other works of the genre, has renewed the tradition of horror shasher with a tribute to arthouse films and even porn, presenting rural America of the 1970s.

X – A Sexy Horror Story, the first three minutes of the film

Waiting for the release in theaters on July 14, they are proposed to us the first three minutes of the film (click here)with a very interesting synopsis:

In 1979, a group of young and ambitious filmmakers decided to make an adult film in rural Texas. But when the lonely elderly couple who host them discover the nature of the set, the cast finds themselves having to fight for their own survival.

Comment from director Ti West

The interventions of the director and screenwriter are interesting You Westwhere he first tells of the generational comparison present in the film:

I didn’t want my slasher to have a humanized “villain”. I didn’t want him to be viewed with sympathy, but at least understood, that he wasn’t supernatural. Everyone has an existential crisis as they age. It is a universal fear that seemed relevant to me, which also affects me directly as the years pass. Focusing on these young people, very free, who used drugs in the seventies by making films for adults in contrast to other people who have passed that age. When you are young you think that when you are older you can finally get what you want, you will no longer be stuck in your youth with no one to care for you, but when you get older you just want to go back in time and do it again. A universal starting point, with a horror villain you’ve never seen before.

The director goes on to tell the madness of making an independent film:

You don’t have time, money, but you have to do it anyway. Initially I thought that a horror would be too ‘half’, while a porn would work, with its symbiotic relationship at the gender level: they are always outsiders who work on a low budget, totally independently and without any assistance from the system. of Hollywood, but still manage to find an audience. Making a film seemed like an effective way to show audiences how to do something that should be erotic is actually ridiculous when shooting it. In short, the process of making a film is very different than when you see that film. It was also an opportunity to bring a modern audience closer to cinema than usually happens, to make people think how cool it is.

A prequel titled was also shot at the same time as the shooting of the film Pearl. Ti West’s Tale:

When we shot X I had already written the prequel. If you see them both you have an enriched vision, but you can easily see them individually as separate stories. Elements of the protagonist’s background are added, making her more three-dimensional. Let’s say that if I hadn’t made a prequel all that material would have been useful for Mia Goth’s documentation of her character. I didn’t want the film to be kitschy or look like a homage to horror cinema, it had to really feel like it was in those years, otherwise it would have been dudes in stage clothes. Fake. I tried to avoid predictability in the actions of the various characters, making them correspond to an encoded role in horror films, but to analyze how they would act starting from their deep analysis. The danger of excess is part of the game in these cases, everyone has their own personal limit. It’s always fun to play with elements like sex and violence.

X – A Sexy Horror Story, l’elogio a Mia Goth

Shot in New ZealandX – A Sexy Horror Story include Mia Goth in the double role of protagonist and main antagonist, Maxine and the elderly Pearl. An interesting dualism – brought to the screen thanks to the meticulous aesthetic work – which will show a real struggle for survival. THEThe director did not miss the opportunity to praise the splendid work of the actress:

Thanks to the help of Weta, the masters of special effects. I met Mia very early, she didn’t know at first that this was my idea. We discussed the girl, then I told her I wanted her to be the same actress playing them both. She paused for a long time when her synapses were in full motion. Then her face was enough for me to understand that she was going to kill to make her. I always thought of Pearl and Maxine as different characters who were the same person. Which allows thematic reflections on Mia’s great work and special effects, which emerge when perhaps at the end of the film you realize that they are played by the same person.

After getting the approval of the king of terror Stephen King, who called it “an extremely good horror movie. Scary, intelligent, aware. Ah! It’s also fun ”and after having conquered the American public, we wait X – A Sexy Horror Story in theaters on July 14th. Ready to jump from the cinema seat? Keep following us on!

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