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X – A SEXY HORROR STORY: The trailer for the new Ti West movie that will make you enjoy … to die for

In cinemas from 14 July, here is the trailer for X – A Sexy Horror Story, the new Ti West film distributed by Midnight Factory

Midnight Factorya label owned by Koch Media, presents the trailer for X – A Sexy Horror Story from You West with Mia Goth. This is the new awaited horror slasher produced by A24 to be released on July 14th in cinemas. Let’s take a look at the trailer and find out everything that awaits us in the film!

What do we know | X – A Sexy Horror Story

In 1979, a troupe of ambitious and hungry for success decides to make an adult film in rural Texas, but the elderly couple who host them, on an isolated and undisturbed farm, begin to have a lewd interest in young people. actors. During the night, this morbid interest will explode in all its violence and terror.

From A24, the production studio of Hereditary – the roots of evil, Midsommar, The Witch, The Lighthouse and Macbeth, X – A Sexy Horror Story promises to entertain with strong emotions for horror lovers and beyond. Ti West, award-winning writer, director and editor already known for other genre works, recreates rural America of the late 1970s and renews the tradition of horror slasher by paying homage to arthouse films, cult films and even porn.

Filmed in New Zealand, Ti West’s new film brings something unrecognizable to the screen Mia Goth struggling with a double role – thanks to the use of an incredible prosthetic make-up – that will lead her to fight with herself for survival. The film also gained the approval of the horror master Stephen King, who called it “an extremely good horror film. Scary, intelligent, aware. Ah! And fun too “.

X - A SEXY HORROR STORY: The trailer for the new Ti West movie that will make you enjoy ... to die for

What do you think of the trailer for the new Ti West movie? Will you go to see it at the cinema? Let us know in the comments!

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