X Indie Developers: the details of the Italian indie conference

X Indie Developers: the details of the Italian indie conference

On March 24th, the X Indie Developers was held, the indie conference dedicated exclusively to Italian developers and their most interesting titles

The event in question, organized by Nintendo in collaboration with IIDEA, is entirely dedicated to Italian independent developers who tell our land through their video games. During this digital round table, some Nintendo Switch titles were shown by the conference developers the Italian culture and territory: from the views of the Via Aurelia, to the production of our local excellence, wine, passing through the most loved and followed sport of the Peninsula: football. Let’s find out the details of the X Indie Developers together!

Four guests for one console

On the occasion of this edition of the X Indie Developers, four guests were invited to represent their software houses. The guests in question, with the related software houses, were: Pietro Righi Riva di Holy Reason (Wheels of Aurelia), Emmanuele Tornusciolo di Italo Games (Milanoir), Elisa Farinetti of Broken Arms Games (Hundred Days) and Pietro Polsinelli of Open Lab (Football Drama).

These software houses, among the most promising on the Italian scene, have one constant in common: the platform, that is Nintendo Switch. The reporter took care of the conference Lorenzo Fantoni, which introduced the guests by putting their development experience on the Nintendo home console at the center of the discussion.

X Indie Developers: the details of the Italian indie conference

Home video games – X Indie Developers: the details of the Italian indie conference

The first to speak was Elisa Farinetti of Broken Arms Games. Elisa talked about the team and the development of their game Hundred Days. Hundred Days, based on the background and experience of the developers, is a management software based on wine production. The player, after having inherited some fields, will be busy day-by-day on the development of his resources to produce wine, from the beginning of the process until bottling.

Subsequently it was the turn of Milanoir. Emmanuele Tornusciolo, of Italo Games, illustrated the project to us policeman inspired by the Italian “action” police tradition of the 1970s. The game, in addition to wonderful pixel art graphics and wild action beats, presented itself with an absolutely crazy author trailer.

Between football drama and car travel – X Indie Developers: the details of the Italian indie conference

After that it was the turn of Football Drama, presented by Pietro Polsinelli of Open Lab. Football Drama talks about Rocco Galliano, an Italian coach who is commissioned to restore a club that is no longer winning. Despite being a football manager, the player’s central goal is to improve Rocco’s life prospects.

The last to speak was Pietro Righi Riva di Santa Ragione, who spoke of Wheels of Aurelia. As the name suggests, the game is set between Rome and Viareggio and is a road trip game. The result of a mixture of graphic novel and car game, Wheels of Aurelia paints an Italy of the 1950s between the decline of the dolce vita, the struggle for women’s rights and many other contexts.

Developing videogames in Italy – X Indie Developers: the details of the Italian indie conference

The second part of the conference was held in the form of Q&A between the presenter and the developers. The guests talked about their ideas, what led them to develop games inspired by the beautiful country and some background. Between wine production, world capital of football, noir tradition and incomparable views, the discussion soon focused on the central point of the conference: the completely Italian contextualization of their games.

From the responses of the guests, the will of the Italian videogame market is evident to want to emerge in a market that is now very crowded. Bringing to the fore different contexts of our country, making them explorable and deepened, moreover, could have alcuni side-effect definitely important. Among all, the abolition of consolidated negative stereotypes and the promotion of the territory outside the country itself. The conference then ended with the speech relating to the migration of the four games to Nintendo Switch, and with the answers to some of the questions from viewers.

Well, this was our X Indie Developers recap! We hope that the Italian videogame future holds many, beautiful surprises in store for us. As always, we greet you and invite you to stay connected on TechGameWorld.com for more news, reviews, guides and much more from the world of video games. Furthermore, we remind you to consult the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Hi!