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Xavier Dolan: a letter to explain his farewell to cinema

Xavier Dolan has decided to say goodbye to cinema, news circulated in recent days and which has now had a letter of explanation from the director: let’s find out the main steps together

These days there is a lot of talk about director Xavier Dolan’s declaration that has greatly affected the world of cinema: the director has in fact declared that he wants to leave the world of cinema because he is embittered by the fact that he is very committed to films that no one sees. A statement that certainly struck a chord with film buffs who appreciate his deep, conceptual and reflective films and who consequently believe that his retirement as a director is a great loss.

Xavier Dolan: a letter to explain his farewell to cinema

The director subsequently decided to write a letter in the form of a post on social media to better explain the reasons behind his statement. The first step of the letter is to confirm her health as well as his decision.

“In light of the recent articles published in the Spanish media, I felt the need to clarify some thoughts and points of view. Some things I said while promoting my show in El Pais and El Mundo alarmed some of you, who kindly contacted me to find out how I’m doing. So first of all, I’m fine. Thank you. Really. I said I want to stop making films and I feel at peace with this decision.”

The director also confirmed, unfortunately that it is not a phase:

“some people have told me it’s “just a pause, or a phase”… But my current state of mind and our current world do not inspire me to pursue what was once an inevitable calling. However, I am currently involved in television projects and intend to keep my word should they be approved. Otherwise, I think that’s about it. I want to devote time to my health, my friends and my family. I also have other passions, other things I’d like to engage in.”

In the letter Xavier Dolan, he also wanted to underline that he never said during the interview with the newspaper El Mundo that art is meaningless and cinema is a waste of time:

“The first part of that sentence is a vague generalization and the second a pure invention. I, for example, do not consider art meaningless, nor cinema a waste of time. I think art remedies our suffocating realities and saves the lives of others. I will always be there to encourage artists and filmmakers. It’s just that I don’t want to make films anymore, because they don’t make me happy anymore. But they did, and so did you. It all boils down to this: I could direct series. But I no longer want to direct films. The world is not in a good state… and I want to help as much as possible. I did, silently. But now I want to be more explicit about it. My projects now are elsewhere, I think.”

A letter that leaves no room for an about-face reading it like this, but which only makes us hope that perhaps in several years Xavier Dolan will be able to find the strength to make films and face this new world of cinema made up mainly of the box office.

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