Xbox: Clarity Boost for cloud gaming added to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft will introduce Clarity Boost, a feature for Xbox Cloud Gaming, on Edge Canary and the rest of its browsers

Just yesterday, Windows Central reporter Jez Corden said on Twitter how “Intriguing” announcements were about to arrive related to Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming. Until that moment, users could not help but speculate on what it was: it could perhaps mean the arrival of new games, or an increase in FPS for those already in the cloud, or something much more different, such as new devices. similar to Amazon’s Firesticks or Google’s Chromecast. In a new post published in the past few hours on Microsoft’s official website, it was finally revealed what will be a new Xbox Cloud Gaming feature available on Edge browsers, called Clarity Boost.

What the Clarity Boost will do for Xbox cloud gaming

The collaboration between Xbox Cloud Gaming and Microsoft Edge has made it possible to combine the optimizations available only on Microsoft’s browser with the ability to play Xbox titles through the cloud. In addition, the Clarity Boost it will be an exclusive feature of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Microsoft Edge browsers, which will make improvements to client-side resolution scaling, thus giving a graphic rendering optimized for the games that are played through streaming.

This improvement will not appear too marked but it will still be quite perceptible, thanks to the upscaling that will affect the original streaming, thus giving generally more defined graphics in the details and appearance of the game. Simply put, it would give the impression of an increase in resolution. It will be possible to try this new feature from today, using the Microsoft Edge Canary browser downloadable on the official Microsoft website. Instead, to be able to test it on other browsers, Microsoft declares that it wants to make the Clarity Boost accessible on all Edge browsers by next year, 2022.

In the meantime, Microsoft continues to expand its Cloud Gaming service, recently releasing it on all its platforms, even with support for touch-screen gaming. In addition, in celebration of its anniversary, it has updated the library of backwards compatible titles on Game Pass for the last time, adding more than 70 games to it.

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