Xbox Cloud Gaming: Beta available on PC for Insiders

Through an official press release, Microsoft has confirmed the arrival of the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta on PC, for members of the Xbox Insider program

The streaming game is slowly making giant steps in terms of dissemination and use by users. Despite the timid approaches attempted by Google Stadia, and waiting to discover Amazon Luna firsthand and the future envisaged by Netflix, one of the most popular services must certainly be considered Xbox Cloud Gaming. Already available for some time on various devices, the Beta is preparing to also land on Windows 10 PCs, for all those enrolled in the program Xbox Insider.

Xbox Cloud Gaming: Beta coming to PC for Insiders

The arrival of the Beta of the streaming game service created by Microsoft has been confirmed by the company itself, which is thus preparing to embrace 22 countries, among which (fortunately) ours is also included Italy. The Redmond giant also unveiled some new features that will help players get started, including easily accessible information about the controller and network conditions, social features to stay in touch with friends and the ability to invite others, including cloud players who have not installed the game, to join the game.

Xbox Cloud Gaming: Beta available on PC for Insiders

Obviously this is a test phase, through which Microsoft will be able to collect community feedback of players, so as to be able to continue to propose improvements to the service, waiting for it to enjoy an even wider launch, about which new details will be released in the near future.

And you are among those who will be able to experience the first hand Beta of the service on PC? If so, we invite you to share with us at, via the comments section, all your impressions about it. And if you are also looking for games at a discounted price, the invitation is to also take a look at the offers on Instant Gaming.

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