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Xbox Game Pass: Here are all the games arriving and departing in September 2023

We have to take note of it: summer is over. Today begins September, the specter of the inevitable back to school/work 2023, but don’t worry: the new free games on xbox game pass. And what games.

The most awaited of all, it goes without saying, it is obviously Starfield which will be available in the catalog from day one. Not only that, however: among the most anticipated titles is the new game by Payday e Lies of P.

Like every month, however, there are also games that leave the catalog permanently. You know: Game Pass gives, Game Pass takes away. So let’s go and see all the news arriving and departing in September 2023.

Games coming to Game Pass in the first half of September 2023

  • Starfield – Available September 6 on consoles (Xbox Series X|S only), PC and cloud gaming
  • Lies of P – Available from September 19 on consoles and PC
  • Party Animals – Available from September 20 on consoles and PC
  • Payday 3 – Available from September 21 on consoles, PC, and in cloud gaming
  • Cocoon – Available from September 29 on consoles and PC

As anticipated, Starfield is certainly the noisiest title on this list, which will be playable from day-one only on PC and new-gen consoles. By the way, waiting for the release, you can read our preview review of the game, in which our Daniele wrote:

The hours of gameplay that await us are matched only by the incredible amount of things to do, elements to discover and lands, indeed, planets to explore. The main mission is accompanied by hundreds and hundreds of secondary quests perfect Bethesda style, planets to discover and plants, animals and mining (and non-mining) elements to scan. Added to this are outposts to build and customize on various planets, spaceships to fly, buy, build or why not, steal! On-board crew to be hired and placed on various planets and much, much more”.

There is great expectation for too Lies of Pwhich takes up the adventures of Pinocchio in a cyberpunk key, and Payday 3, third installment of the popular saga. As always, we remind you that Microsoft usually staggers the releases of the Game Pass. We can therefore expect another wave of stocks from the middle of the month.

Games leaving the Game Pass catalog in September

  • Black Desert
  • Commandos 3
  • Immortality
  • Nuclear Throne
  • Surgeon Simulator 2
  • Tinykin

We remind you that it is possible to buy the games benefiting from the 20% discount on all titles in the Game Pass catalog and 10% on add-ons. The offer is obviously confidential only to subscribers of the service and only covers games currently in the catalog (and not those already removed).

Finally it is good to note that for this month Microsoft has suspended the promotion that allowed you to have 14 days of Game Pass for €1. After all, given Starfield’s entry into the catalog from day-one, it is also right that Xbox decides not to give away such a prestigious title.

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