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The Batman 2: the official filming date and the new villain of the film!

The official filming start date for The Batman 2 starring Robert Pattinson has been revealed. Directed by Matt Reeves, among the novelties also the new villain of the film

The DC Extended Universe is ready to welcome thearrival of the long-awaited sequel to The Batman 2. In fact, from the latest rumors found on the web; there production is ready to start filming the new chapter directed by Matt Reeves.

The dark and realistic Gotham City universe created by Matt Reevesis ready to warmly welcome the return of Robert Pattinson come hero. Ready to step back into the role of tycoon Bruce Wayne / Batman, he will be accompanied by the possible new villain of the film. Let’s find out all the news below.

The Batman 2: the name of the new villain and other news

According to official outside sources, the shooting of The Batman 2 will begin next March 2024, bringing with them captivating and interesting news for fans. Originally scheduled for November, but postponed due to strike by SAG-AFTRA and WGA; the production has established in recent days a plan to kick off the sequel to the film.

While the plot is still shrouded in mystery, one of the more intriguing pieces of information we’ve received concerns the identity of the new villain, which is, the debut of Clayface. A name that is not new in relation to The Batman 2, brought up by Mike Flanagan himself some time before, as a possible addition in the new DC chapter. Villain with superpowers and shapeshifting abilities; his entering the scene would be a drastic change of fidelity respect to the stories told in the comic strip.

The names of the actors are also included Joel Edgerton e Josh Hartnett vying to play the villain Two faces. Confirmed in the cast instead Robert Pattinson; Zoë Kravitz; Andy Serkis; Jeffrey Wright and Colin Farrell; along with the possible return of the character of Joker played by Barry Keoghan; previously appeared in the mid-film scene.

The arrival of The Batman 2And expected to hit the big screen in October 2025.

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