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Xbox Game Pass: Resident Evil Village is coming according to a rumor

According to a rumor, an important agreement is in the works between Capcom and Microsoft: it seems that Resident Evil Village, the latest chapter of the famous horror series, is about to arrive on the Xbox Game Pass. Let’s see the details below

It has now been nearly a year since the launch of Resident Evil Villagewhich is the latest chapter in the famous horror series by Capcom which over the years has managed to make the history of the video game medium. Despite this, today we talk about it because a recently spread rumor interesting: it seems that Resident Evil Village could arrive soon sull’Xbox Game Pass. Below, the details on the origin of this rumor.

Resident Evil Village on Xbox Game Pass: a plausible rumor but not too much

As reported by the site XGP, the Resident Evil Village page on the Polish Xbox Store briefly said “Available with Xbox Game Pass”. Obviously this is not the case, and furthermore no official announcement about it has never been done by neither Capcom nor by Microsoft, so the question remains whether it is more a technical problem. The error was also removed shortly after, so now it is no longer the entry (even if we report the original screenshot below.

Xbox Game Pass: Resident Evil Village is coming according to a rumor

Interestingly, in April last year, a leak showed confidential documents reporting an agreement between Sony and Capcom which stipulated that Resident Evil Village should not be launched for any of the competitive subscription services (so Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, Stadia Pro, and more) for one year after launch. The next May 7 will mark the first anniversary of Resident Evil Village, so there’s a chance that Capcom may release the title on Game Pass after that date.

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