Xbox presenta il nuovo controller wireless Xbox Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition thumbnail

Xbox presents the new Xbox Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition wireless controller

Xbox presents the new wireless controller Xbox Nocturnal Vapor Special Editioncompatible with Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox One and mobile devices.

Xbox Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition is inspired by nocturnal nature

The new Xbox controller is inspired by the nocturnal nature: Each shade is an expression of this vast landscape, with a design featuring an intense contrast between dark green and light green, with a swirl effect that mixes the two shades on the top and side handles.

Thanks to its dynamic and multifaceted layout, it combines style and performance in a single controller. Xbox Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition joins the Vapor series, along with Stormcloud Vapor e Dream Vapor.

Xbox Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition, technical characteristics

The new Xbox controller guarantees excellent performance for gamers thanks also to the grips side and rear texture which allow you to have maximum control and also long-lasting game play thanks to the battery which lasts up to 40 hours. Additionally, the Xbox Accessories application allows you to remap controller buttons and create profiles custom controllers.

Thanks to technology Xbox Wireless e Bluetooth Players can easily and intuitively connect the controller to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, PCs, iOS and Android devices.

For all players who want a crisp and clear audio you can use the 3.5 mm audio jack to connect your favorite compatible headphones, perfect for gaming or to facilitate communication with other gamers, also thanks to the sharing of screenshots and clips of the various gameplays using the dedicated share button.

Price and availability

The Xbox Wireless Controller – Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition is available for pre-order at the price of 69,99 euro.


Xbox Series S da 1 TB in Carbon Black

The new Series S 1TB doubles the storage space of the previous versionalso introducing a new color: Carbon Black. Nera come il carbone. A tonal variant that for now had been exclusive to the Series

From a technical point of view, however, little changes: the new version is equipped with all the features of the white Series S. We then find the Quick Resume (to quickly switch from one game to another), the support for gameplay up to 120 FPS (for titles that support it, of course) and the times of ultra-fast loading.

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