Xbox Series X, difficult but not impossible: here’s where it’s available

Restock di Xbox Series X da parte di vari negozi: ecco dov’è disponibile thumbnail

The dream of placing a next-gen console under the tree is further and further away, but not impossible, the Xbox Series X is still available: here’s where.

Xbox Series X available for online purchase – we also take a look at the various restocks

The chipset crisis has made the PlayStation 5 literally unavailable, we know. In addition, there are many loyal Sony who, not being able to get their hands on the new console, have betrayed their principles and are satisfied with Microsoft’s next-gen, generating a further condition of rarity of the devices. Do not worry though, although Christmas is very close, in the last few hours restocks have been confirmed by numerous shops, making the Xbox Series X still available for purchase. Time is golden to grab the console from the big X, so let’s get straight to the point:

  • Ebay: seems to be the only real opportunity to take home a piece of the new Microsoft console. At this address a series of offers on new products at different prices.
  • Ibs: if for you happiness is not at a price and you are willing to pay even more than the canonical price, consider buying it here.

Between yesterday and today, several stores have restocked the Xbox Series X | S, but at the moment they are all sold out. Keep an eye on these sites in the next few days, it wouldn’t be so absurd for them to be available again before Christmas:

  • Mediaworld has made a restock of the X and S series, the former are already sold out, while for the latter there is still hope: keep up to date here.
  • Same goes for UniEuro: restock done, consoles sold out in a heartbeat. However, the site gives you the possibility to enter an email address and be notified as soon as there is a new load: you can do it on this page.
  • GameStop: sold out despite a double restock that took place over the weekend. But there is hope that the product will be back in stock in the next few days.

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