Xbox Showcase: new appointment in May and September 2022?

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According to a rumor, Microsoft could hold two Xbox Showcases in the course of 2022, with one show scheduled for May and one in September.

Although we are still at the beginning of 2022, the questions regarding how much the major players in the videogame industry have in the pipeline for the next few months are equally holding the bench among fans. Although Microsoft has a little bit of a pinch on Starfield and Redfall, there are still plenty of other productions fans are waiting for news of. Precisely for this reason we are wondering about when the Colossus of Redmond have in mind to keep his neighbor Xbox Showcase. And according to a rumor, the appointment is set for May and September.

Xbox Showcase may return in May and September 2022

According to the portal Pure Xboxin fact, it just seems that Microsoft plan to spend some time on upcoming announcements regarding the games in production. Sources cited talking about how the co-founder of XboxEraas well as a well-known insider, Nick Bakerspoke on the forum of his portal about how the Redmond houseaccording to the information in his possession, he plans to keep two distinct events during 2022.

Xbox Showcase: new appointment in May and September 2022?

The second appointment Baker, would be set for the next few months May and September. The first case, if confirmed, would be somewhat unusual, as it would fall to a few days from E3historically one of the main showcases of Xbox world. Of course, nothing prevents us from assuming that the company has in mind to hold an event before the Los Angeles event, but only time, in this case, will be able to dispel all the doubts of the case.

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