XGIMI’s ISA 2.0 technology arrives at CES 2023

La tecnologia ISA 2.0 di XGIMI approda al CES 2023 thumbnail

XGIMI, leader in the projector and Laser TV sector and distributed in Italy by Attiva, presents the new version of its exclusive technology Intelligent Screen Adaption ISA 2.0 al CES 2023.

XGIMI’s ISA 2.0 technology at CES 2023

ISA technology has helped simplify the installation of XGIMI projectors. ISA 2.0announced at CES 2023, is the latest version of this technology and has a number of useful features, for an improved large-screen display and a quick and intuitive setup experience.

Let’s see together what’s new in ISA 2.0:

  • Seamless Auto Keystone Correction e Seamless Auto Focus

It calculates the distance between the light source and the projection surface more quickly, mapping the space in which the projector is located and therefore more accurately gathering details of the surrounding environment that were previously impossible to detect. This way you can better adjust the angle of the projection.

  • Intelligent Eye Protection

It detects any disturbance in front of the projection source, dimming the lights and protecting your eyes in case you accidentally look at the light source.

  • Intelligent Screen Alignment

This functionality was already partly integrated in the previous version of the ISA technology and serves to automatically identify the screen used for projection, thus eliminating the need to manually adjust the corners and edges.

  • Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

The latter is also a function present in the previous version, but thanks to a new screen detection algorithm, it identifies obstacles in the projection area and avoids them quickly.

Password: ease of use

XGIMI has always been committed to trying to improve the user experience with its projectors thanks to revolutionary innovations.

In fact, already in 2017 it was the first company to apply a technology of MEMC motion compensation to projection devices, for smoother and more stable image quality. In 2019, it implemented auto keystone correction technology, thermal out-of-focus compensation, seamless global focus and optical zoom technology, while in 2021, it implemented Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance, Screen Alignment , adaptation to ambient light, real-time eye anti-shooting and many other interesting functions.