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The future of mobility: Togg announces its vision at CES 2023

The Turkish global technology brand Togga leader in the field of mobility, announced al CES 2023 of Las Vegas the details of Noisean innovative digital platform, and the sales strategy chosen for its first electric smart device, the C-SUV: Pre-orders of the device will be based on the for the first time ever gamification.

At CES 2023, with Togg, we take a leap into the future of mobility

The Togg C-SUV will be launched in Turkey in the first quarter of 2023, only to reach the European market towards the end of 2024. Gurcan Karakas, CEO of Toggdeclared that the company immediately set itself the goal “to make something more than just a car”.

“When we decided four years ago to build something more than just a car, we had two strategic objectives. The first was to develop a globally competitive mobility technology brand owned by Togg. The second was to create an open and accessible ecosystem around our smart devices and digital products, with the user at the centre.

Over the past four years, we have made progress in line with our development plans. We are ready to launch our smart device in Turkey in Q1 2023. Simultaneously, we are expanding our mobility ecosystem with the digital platform, Trumore, where we redefine the mobility experience beyond going from point A to point B“.

With Trumore, the company has created an infrastructure for using on-demand technology based on cloud ready-to-use, which will soon be released to customers. Simultaneously Togg has been working hard to harden this infrastructure with blockchain so that it can be used anywhere in the world and on any cloud.

“We create value for our users with four different products – continued Karakaş -: Earn.more, Go.more, Play.more and Scale.more. The Trumore platform is constantly evolving for users (earn, lead, entertain), we will provide a seamless user experience by offering a personalized, intelligent and empathetic experience with next generation technologies: fintech, insurtech, blockchain, IoT and intelligence artificial. As we develop our digital portfolio, we are mindful of introducing our users to the world of opportunities offered by the mobility ecosystem. For this purpose, we have decided to gamify our pre-order process“.

Gamification as a means of selling

The idea of ​​opening up the possibility of pre-orders through the use of gamification is revolutionary and could open up horizons that have not yet been explored. For this reason Karakaş wanted to clarify a couple of points:

“We have designed a contest that will take place on our digital platform Trumore. We will give contestants daily missions, one-time missions, and weekly missions. In addition to the game, we have prepared the NFT 2023 special collection, which is aimed at creating technological value with an innovative vision of our brand. We will be auctioning the NFTs. In addition to these two different mechanisms, we will introduce a mining system for our smart devices that we will launch in 2023“.

Digital Mobility Garden

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas Togg presented the future of mobility with his Digital Mobility Garden designed by Togg Design Studio, combining nature with digital. Visitors can have a mobility experience in the four areas present:

  • Beyond Xoffers participants a personalized experience in one of four possible scenarios: Saturn, Jungle, Futuristic City and Artistic Türkiye.
  • Trumore Experiencewhere artificial intelligence understands the user’s needs and plans their daily routine;
  • Clean Energy Solutionswhere you can recharge your mobile devices and shape your future by managing clean energy;
  • Self.AIwhere visitors’ digital alter egos are created and they can then upload them to their mobile devices.

Togg’s press conference held in Digital Mobility Garden at CES 2023 can be retrieved at the following link. To explore Togg’s digital booth, click here.

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