Xiaomi announces CyberDog, the mechanical quadruped

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The Chinese giant Xiaomi has unveiled its quadrupede robot, called CyberDog: it is an open-source mechanical prototype with possibilities still to be explored. Looking at it, for science fiction fans it’s impossible not to think about Robocop’s imagery.

This type of four-legged robot, which mimics the features and movements of dogs, was made famous by Boston Dynamics. The US group had put up for sale Spot, his robot, the exorbitant figure of 74 thousand and 500 dollars last year.

Spot’s purposes and features were multiple, from find hidden mines all’help medical consultations remotely, connecting doctors and patients. While not as a weapon, it has also been tested for use in the forces of law and the military, testifying to the mechanical capabilities and versatility of the machine.

The characteristics of CyberDog, Xiaomi’s robot dog

Xiaomi stated that his CyberDog still has a “pet nature”. It will be able to respond like a dog to voice commands, following its owner just like a real animal. CyberDog’s design is futuristic and impactful, and it really looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

In this it differs for example from Sony’s competitor, called Aibo, characterized by smaller dimensions and a more “cuddly” design.

The open-source aspect of the project was emphasized and that it will initially only be produced 1000 units of the quadrupedal robot. These first CyberDogs are designed for the most passionate about electronics, the brand in general and engineers who love this type of innovation.

The initial price will amount to 9,999 Yuan, which corresponds to the exchange rate $ 1,540. However, it is not certain that the exchange rate is applied in a dry way, and that an additional surcharge is not applied. It is also unclear whether this price will remain unchanged for future distribution as well.

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