Xiaomi is the first smartphone manufacturer in Europe

Xiaomi è il primo produttore di smartphone in Europa thumbnail

Xiaomi supera Samsung and becomes the first smartphone manufacturer in Europe. The confirmation comes from the recent report of Strategy Analytics and refers to the second quarter of 2021, the period in which Xiaomi managed to conquer the top of the smartphone market in Europe. Also noteworthy is the growth of Apple and, above all, the surprising results of OPPO and Realme that are preparing to chase the top 3.

Xiaomi surpasses Samsung and conquers the smartphone market in Europe in Q2 2021

During Q2 of 2021, Xiaomi has distributed 12.7 million smartphones in Europe recording a growth of +67% compared to last year’s data. This result allows the company to overcome Samsung which stopped at 12 millioni of smartphones sold, recording a decline in -7% compared to last year’s data. Third position for Apple that touches altitude 9.6 million of units sold with a growth of +15.7% compared to last year.

Xiaomi’s extraordinary results have allowed the company to conquer the first position in Europe. We will see if even during the second half of the year the brand will be able to maintain its leadership, remaining ahead of Samsung.

Record growth for OPPO and Realme

The Top 5 of smartphone sales in Europe closes with OPPO and Realme. For OPPO 2.8 million units were sold with a growth of + 180% compared to last year’s data. Regarding Realme, on the other hand, the total number of units sold was 1.9 million with a growth of + 1800%.

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