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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P review: the perfect helper at home

We have tried the new one for you Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P di Xiaomi, the renowned Chinese tech company that in addition to smartphones, for which it is known, has embraced a vast number of devices for every type of need. Among these, we also find the robot vacuum cleaner and in their constant struggle against dust, we find the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P from Xiaomi and this is its review.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

The robot vacuum market is full of many types, brands and characteristics. Vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, large, mini, with the most disparate brushes and accessories, but despite everything, there are many people who look at these funny automatic robots with distrust. We cannot deny that even those who are writing this article were quite skeptical at the beginning having been accustomed for years to using the vacuum cleaner and the invincible coupled “Broom-dustpan”. But after about 3 weeks in the company of Xiaomi’s robot vacuum cleaner, we are ready to tell you what it is but above all if it is worth having one at home.


Starting from design, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P maintains the standard (and almost inevitable) circular shape of the competitors. Soft and elegant lines characterize the upper part of the vacuum cleaner which is however characterized by a raised area (about 2cm) where the LSD laser navigation system of the new generation. Also on the upper facade there are also the only two physical buttons, power and return to the base. From here you can also open the main “cover” to remove the dust compartment, clean it or replace it with the 2-in-1 floor cleaner and vacuum compartment.

The front vacuum cleaner is protected by a semi-mobile section designed to limit shocks, here we also find several sensors that will help him move around the house. In rear instead we find the air outlet grille and infrared sensors to recharge it. Under the robot we find a system a two driving wheels and a front wheel designed to make it spin. The main wheels are to raise and lower up to 2 CM in order to overcome any obstacle such as carpets and uneven floors. Here we also find the main brush, located in the center of the robot and a lateral circular brush whose function is to bring dust and dirt closer to the center.

Structurally, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P shows up solid, well thought out and made with high quality and resistant materials capable of withstanding the most dangerous impacts. Fortunately, the technology inside is designed to prevent this from happening.


Don’t be fooled by the banal title of “vacuum cleaner”, this robot is a real concentrate of technology. In fact, inside we find one Cortex-A7 Quad-core CPU supported by a dual-core Mali 400 GPU. Both fully satisfy the processing performance of the robot allowing it to acquire and process the data collected by the sensors. We have indeed well 12 of sensors that aid navigation, obstacle avoidance, environmental assessment and so on.

To support these needs, thealgoritmo SLAM for the real-time mapping and cleaning route planning adapted to the composition of your home. The robot will in fact be able to establish the floor plan of your office or apartment, update itself with any changes to the furniture and autonomously choose the most effective path to obtain maximum cleaning.

The whole device is powered by a 3200 mAh battery which guarantees excellent autonomy to completely clean a medium-sized house (approximately 90m2) with a single charge. Included in the package we also find the infrared charging base that guarantees a complete recharge in a few hours.


The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P does exactly what its name says. In fact, it is not a normal robot vacuum cleaner but a 2-in-1 robot capable of vacuuming but also washing floors and even doing both things at the same time. Inside the package, in fact, there are two container compartments: one for dust collection and a 2-in-1 compartment for dust collection and washing at the same time. There is also a third exclusive compartment for washing, to be purchased separately. The storage compartments are relatively small but more than sufficient for the collection of daily dust thanks to one suction power 2100 Pa. The compartment is released from the robot in a few seconds and can be manually emptied into the dustbin.

The 2-in-1 compartment works the same way but a section of it is reserved for water collection. The water capacity is apparently small, but thanks to the sensors the Mi Robot is equipped with, it is perfectly able to select the appropriate release depending on the degree of dirt on the floor. All the functions of the Robot can also be set thanks to the dedicated app. Let’s find out more.

Mi Home: the app of the Xiaomi ecosystem

Being a smart device, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P connects to the home Wi-Fi network to be controlled through the Mi Home app, the application of the internal Xiaomi ecosystem. Through the application, once the Mi Robot P is connected, we will be able to manage a series of extremely useful actions and settings. In addition to starting, stopping and returning our robot to the charging base, we can select the suction mode. Among these, as anticipated, we find the Vacuum Cleaner Mode, Vacuum Cleaner Mode and Scrubber Cleaner or only the Scrubber Mode. Each type corresponds to a type of container compartment without which the robot will not start. Once started, we will be able to select the suction power between Quiet, Standard, Medium e Turbo and the level of use of water (in the case of washing) between Bass, Half e Alto. These options will ensure the correct use of the device according to our needs.

Furthermore, from the application we will be able to look and manage the floor plan of the washable surface of our home. In fact, at the first start, the Mi Robot will have to move along the edges of your home to discover the floor plan, the division into rooms and any obstacles to avoid. Artificial intelligence del Robot is surprising and effective but it is not perfect. In fact, it will happen that a corridor or a room with an obstacle is divided into several rooms, effectively altering the virtual map, but we will be able to modify, merge and divide the rooms as we wish. We can also set a “virtual wall”Simply by drawing a line on our smartphone to prevent the Robot from going to an area where it shouldn’t.

From the app we will see in real time where our Robot is and the path it has traveled, the surface in Mq2 covered, the battery charge and the cleaning duration. A complete list of useful information with which we will be able to better manage our, or rather, its cleaning.

Our test of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

We tested the legendary Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P for about three weeks during which it was used daily. The robot is very simple to install at home and just as simple is the configuration via the App, which is essential to get the best out of it. From the app itself we decided to start the scheduled cleaning twice a day, at 10 in the morning and at 20 in the evening. Thanks to programming, the Robot becomes truly autonomous and was able to clean the house in solitude while we were away from home or in the shower. Map management is just as simple and functional. The division into rooms allowed us to send the Mi Robot to clean only the kitchen or a particular area of ​​the house. Similarly we have created a virtual wall in an area of ​​the entrance where a series of cables are located that would be best avoided. The wires are in fact the main enemy of the Xiaomi Robot. Although, we repeat, the AI ​​and sensors do an excellent job, we happened to find the robot wedged in some cables and wires left lying around. It will take a couple of such errors to make us remember what the Mi Robot fails to avoid and free the path.

From a cleaning standpoint, both the suction and 2-in-1 functions were more than satisfactory and all the surface that the robot could reach was covered to the best day after day. In particular, the Suction-Washing compartment and its cloth is what struck us the most and left our floors in an impeccable state. In practice, however, the situation is not so rosy. In fact, remember that this function uses a single compartment where inside, in separate sections, there are the water that we will insert and the dust that it will suck. However careful one may be, it will be difficult to manage the two elements in the best way and when the water meets the dust, the situation never becomes pleasant. To the detriment of this, the results are always excellent and we have never given up cleaning (or rather, seeing him clean) the floors every day.

It was particularly appreciated autonomy of the Robot that manages to clean our space (about 45sq2 of surface) in less than an hour and using only half the battery. Clearly the consumption varies according to the power with which we will choose to deal with the dirt but you will certainly be able to clean a medium-sized house with a single charge. The charging base must be inserted on the ground and connected to the mains and then forget about it. The robot is able to return to it autonomously at the end of the cleaning.

The only “work” I doyou will actually have to do and empty the dust compartment, replace those that suit your needs and carry out maintenance of the robot brushes. For this reason, near the container compartment there is a practical brush with a blade to cut any threads and hairs that have become stuck in the brushes.

Robot vacuum cleaners: are they worth buying?

At this point of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P Robot review we can only ask ourselves, is it worth owning a robot vacuum cleaner? Will it replace my classic vacuum cleaner forever? Let’s start with order.

We have seen that Xiaomi’s robot vacuum cleaner …

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