Battlefield 2042: DICE shows the changes the game will have after the beta

The Battlefield 2042 beta has left many perplexities, and it seems that DICE has had the opportunity to intervene in many critical aspects, making significant changes to the game

In a post published on the site of the new DICE title, the development team has introduced the changes that players should expect in the game, following the feedback received from the Battlefield 2042 beta. An important topic are the specialists, who will debut. in this new title. The study claims to understand the concerns of users towards the absence of team play.

Apparently, several improvements to the interface were missing in the beta released, declared “Vital for team play”. The game will result with clearer UI symbols, which will highlight who will need ammo or heal, and the bonuses given to players in performing certain actions will be more evident. SAYS also thinks that when you will play with all ten specialists on the roster, you will have a better impression of this new feature.

The changes that Battlefield 2042 will have at the launch of the game

The study does not intend to intervene regarding the possibility of establishing any kind of combination in the various specialists. In the first 4-6 hours of play, players will have access to fewer unlocked gadgets, and that’s how it will be the traditional experience of the Battlefields in the first ten levels. Treatments and resuscitations will be rebalanced, to give more importance to doctors in battle: the regeneration of health it will take longer before taking action, needing someone with a medical kit or taking on the role of curator Falck. The syringe of the latter has also been improved, making it easier to throw and clearer when you will be successful in healing allies.

There are further changes that will be brought into the game: a greater number of tanks in Orbital (from four to eight), a reduction in the effectiveness of sliding and jumping, and the possibility of overcoming moving objects will be added. An indicator will be made visible when grenades are thrown, and the entry and exit animations have been shortened or removed; finally, the elevator doors have been fixed. These were the more relevant information, and within the Battlefield 2042 blogpost there are demonstration videos of some crucial changes for the success of the game.

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