Xiaomi publishes its first intellectual property white paper

Xiaomi pubblica il suo primo white paper sulla proprietà intellettuale thumbnail

Xiaomia leading global consumer electronics company, has released its first white paper on Intellectual property. The report illustrates the results obtained and the technological innovation capabilities developed by the Chinese multinational.

Xiaomi, intellectual property and patents

Xiaomi’s achievements in intellectual property are incredible: if at the end of September 2021 the company was located at 13th place worldwide for self-declared 5G patent familiesat the end of September 2022 Xiaomi has recorded more than 29,000 patents globallycovering more than 60 countries and regions.

And to think that at its beginnings, in 2013Xiaomi’s intellectual property system only focused on protection of self-developed technology It is on MIUI hardware and operating system patent.

In a growth that has never stopped, Xiaomi since 2015 onwards presented an average of 6000 patents annuals and from 2020 has made extraordinary progress in the globalization of intellectual property, reaching as far as 29,000 patents worldwide in September 2022.

To illustrate these data was Wang Xiang, Socio e Presidente di Xiaomialso declaring the multinational’s commitment to obtaining long-term and sustainable global partnershipswithout neglecting the promotion of technological inclusion for the benefit of consumers.

Also considering the complexity of the environment in which Xiaomi and other Chinese companies are forced to move, it is important to note how the company, by actively responding to lawsuits, constantly cooperating and striving to pursue a win-win multilateral strategy, has managed to expand its presence and influence globally.

An example of how Xiaomi’s intellectual property system has led to benefits can be found in the Xiaomi’s AI call noise reduction technologyapplied to more than 60 products.

Technology for Good

That of Technology for Good is one of Xiaomi’s missions, leading the multinational to introduce inclusive and accessibility features in its MIUI operating system, such as, for example, the aptic technology for consumers with visual impairmentsil ambient sound recognition for users with hearing disabilities and the text-to-speech technology for customers with vocal disabilities.

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