Xiaomi Viomi SE: launch with promotion in a big way

For the launch of the new version of Xiaomi Viomi SE, the manufacturer has organized a special promotion on Aliexpress that will last only a few days

The launch of the new Xiaomi Viomi SE in an updated and even smarter guise takes place in conjunction with the AliExpress Summer Sale, an opportunity not to be missed to bring home a good robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, Xiaomi Viomi SE can be the perfect help for home cleaning. In fact, thanks to years of efforts and research in the smart home and IoT sector, Xiaomi VIOMI has reached a cooperation with more than 20 local distribution partners in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Poland, managing to expand its influence throughout Europe.

VIOMI as one of the best brands Xiaomi Eco-Chain, in addition to launching affordable yet high-quality cleaning robots, offers services of long-term after-sales support in Europe. This is very important because many people are sometimes reluctant to buy items without good assistance behind them in case of breakdowns or even just to get more explanations.

Xiaomi Viomi SE: launch with promotion in a big way

Xiaomi Viomi SE: the new version

Let’s see the main innovations introduced with the new updated version of Xiaomi Viomi SE. Like the best robot vacuum cleaners it relies on an intelligent LDS 2.0 navigation system for vacuuming and cleaning:

  • Y-Mopping 2.0 system which guarantees excellent cleaning and suction performance compared to more expensive models
  • The cleaning cycle and maximum coverage is improved, thanks to the water tank and the larger dust container from 300 ml so that the robot has a greater autonomy and can both wash and vacuum
  • LDS 2.0 navigation technology with 3200mAh long-lasting Samsung battery that allows an autonomy of about 120 minutes sufficient a clean an area of ​​200 square meters with one refill, about 20% more than the predecessor
  • The robot Xiaomi Viomi SE quickly builds accurate maps and easily tackles complex environments, thanks to the advanced localization system that never loses the position of the robot
  • Multilingual support, making it affordable for millions of people around the world.
  • The suction power is 2200Pa at 15000 rpm, thanks to the Japanese-made high-performance Nidec brushless motor to ensure faster and deeper cleaning
  • Amazon Alexa support to control the robot in a smart way
  • The algorithm AI Dynamic Path+Slam improves cleaning efficiency by 30%
  • 12 sets of sensors used to avoid obstacles and plan the best trajectories

Thanks to these features, Xiaomi Viomi SE is great for those with pets or small children which tend to dirty the floor often. Even the elderly or people with disabilities they can find in him an excellent cleaning companion. In addition, the low cost makes it much more affordable than other competitors.

Xiaomi Viomi SE: launch with promotion in a big way

Assistance in Europe

VIOMI Aliexpress official store promises to provide consumers with technology transparently and with an after-sales service in European countries. Fast 24/7 shipping from local European warehouses and real-time online technical information, advice and guidance available. Furthermore, the free replacement of a new robot vacuum cleaner when maintenance is not available Due to quality problems is guaranteed, users can enjoy trouble-free after-sales terms only when your orders from VIOMI Aliexpress official store.

In order to provide better after-sales support, VIOMI Aliexpress official store has set up a technical service center in the industrial area of ​​Bruchsal, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with a dedicated warehouse of 3,000 square meters and an office of 400 square meters. In addition, two other maintenance centers, respectively in Germany and Poland, provide instant follow-up to customer repair requests in Europe.

Xiaomi Viomi SE: launch with promotion in a big way

The offer for Xiaomi Viomi SE on Aliexpress

VIOMI SE Upgrade Version is now available on the official VIOMI store on Aliexpress, ad a price of only 269 USD from 21 to 25 June. Moreover, thanks to the discount coupon of the store you can save 3 dollars and another 30 dollars can be deducted from the final price with the code “SEUPGRADE”, bringing the final price at 236 USD.

Orders from German or Polish warehouses will be processed within 24 hours and this means that you can receive the package in 2-7 days without customs tax problems. Also, there will be 360 units of mop cloth or HEPA which will be randomly given away for the luckiest customers who will buy these days. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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