Xiaomi presenterà al MWC 2023 il nuovo robot umanoide CyberOne thumbnail

Xiaomi will present its new humanoid robot at MWC 2023

Xiaomi will be present at Mobile World Congress 2023 scheduled for the end of February. On the occasion of the fair, the Chinese house will present a preview CyberOne, the humanoid robot that was already anticipated last year. During the MWC, however, Xiaomi could present an evolution of this robot with several new features to show. Here are the details about the new Xiaomi home project:

Xiaomi will bring its CyberOne humanoid robot to Mobile World Congress 2023

After the presentation in China last year, Xiaomi’s new CyberOne robot is preparing for its official debut at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February. The confirmation has arrived in these hours, directly from the company which has released a teaser of the event.

CyberOne is a humanoid robot measuring 1.77 meters in height and weighing 52 kilograms. According to reports from Xiaomi, the robot (biped) is able to count on various advanced features such as human movement detection and advanced vision capability.

On the occasion of the event at the end of February, Xiaomi could reveal new details on the CyberOne project which is getting closer and closer to an advanced stage of development. We’ll see what the features of the new project will be.

Here is the teaser released today by Xiaomi to anticipate its presence at the MWC in Barcelona which will start on February 27th.

Xiaomi CyberOne MWC 2023 teaser

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