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I still feel vertigo: Elodie’s docu-series available on Prime Video

Available from February 20 on the Prime Video platform, the first docu-series by the singer Elodie; titled I still feel vertigo. A Grøenlandia production, the video images of the young Roman singer’s most significant moments

The singer’s first docu-series Elodie, I still feel dizzyavailable on the platform Prime Video starting from Monday 20 February. Returning from the last participation in the Sanremo Festival 2023; the Roman singer chooses a different narrative than usual, immortalizing some of the salient and challenging moments of her career. With a more intimate and professional look at the young artist’s life; the constant feeling in the balance between the continuous desire to improve and the fear of not being enough. The three episodes produced with the collaboration of Matteo Rovere and Leonardo Godano; will be directed by Nicola Sorcinelli.

Great gift for the most close-knit fans, together with the announcement that came only a few days after the release of the new album, Ok. Respira (including the successful 2023 Sanremo single, Due). Furthermore, among the appointments of the young singer Elodie in 2023, we also remember the start of her first show at the Milan Forum the next 12 maggioproduced by Vivo Concerti.

Here is the official trailer of the docu-series I still feel vertigo available on Prime Video.

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