XIII Remake for Nintendo Switch will arrive in September

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XIII Remake per Nintendo Switch is about to arrive: mark the date of September 13, 2022 if you love early 2000 first-person shooters. The remake of Microids takes up the 2003 title, adapting the graphic novel by William Vance and Jean Van Hamme. After debuting on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Microids and the French studio Tower Five are now ready for multiplayer and porting to Switch.

XIII Remake, in September the new version for Nintendo Switch

After President Sheridan’s death, the country is in shock. You wake up injured, with total amnesia on a beach. Look at your collarbone, where the number XII is tattooedI. And you have a locker key with you.

Little to start with to understand who you really are. But you will soon realize that your ‘physical’ memories are still there: you have amazing reflections, da well trained government agent. Now you just have to figure out how to save your country and reveal your past.

The game will arrive for Switch on September 13, 2022, along with the free update for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Microids CEO Stephane Longardalso talks about the little-appreciated launch on these platforms, explaining: “We are fully aware and terribly sorry that the initial launch of XIII Remake on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC has not reached the quality standards expected by the players “.

But now he explains: “A little over a year ago we made the decision to entrust the Tower Five studio with the task of finishing the development of the game. Tower Five has worked with us in the past, most notably on the big port of Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders su Nintendo Switch. We really wanted to take the time to fix the game and offer XIII Remake owners a free update that would make the best possible tribute to the original we all love. “

“The Nintendo Switch version will obviously benefit from all the work done to improve the title and the multiplayer mode, which will mark the end of development. We can’t wait for players to get their hands on this one improved version of the game and (re) discover the classic adventures of Agent XIII, as soon as it comes out after the summer ”.

What do you think of this return to Switch? Remember the original game? Tell us in the comments.

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