Amazon, easiest cancellation in Europe

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Consumers within the European Economic Area will be able to carry out the unsubscribe from Amazon Prime con soli due click. The company has agreed to adapt to the European Union regulations for the protection of workers. Now unsubscribing is as simple as signing up.

Amazon makes canceling Prime easier in the EU

It all stems from a complaint from the European Consumer Organization, the Norwegian Consumer Council and the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue. According to organizations, canceling Prime membership was complex. Therefore In April 2021, the Commission undertook an investigation together with the national authorities.

According to them, the menus to navigate were too complex, the formulations unclear. There would be ‘nudges’, pushes to pass the desire di unsubscribe users. Something that was not good for the EU. Instead the Commission asked “A clearly visible and unambiguous” cancel “button.”

In response, Amazon comments: “Transparency and customer trust are top priorities for us. For this reason we make it clear and simple for customers to sign up or unsubscribe from Prime. We are always listening to feedback and are continually looking for ways to improve the customer experience, as we are doing in this case following a forced dialogueuseful with the European Commission “.

No direct obligation therefore, but a spontaneous collaboration to make it easier to cancel the account. That of the Commission for the moment was more of a ‘nudge’ for entice Amazon to make the right choice, let’s say.

What matters to customers is that canceling Amazon Prime will become a lot easier. As is subscribe to this link if you like free shippingdiscounts and a world of streaming from movies to music to audiobooks.

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