Xpeng P5 arrives in Northern Europe

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The Xpeng carmaker officially lands in Europe and does so by opening reservations for the new Xpeng P5 sedan. These are now being accepted in selected markets of the Old Continent, a first step that is part of the Chinese manufacturer’s ambitious expansion strategy. which aims to establish itself at the forefront of the electric vehicle ranks.

The company’s third model will follow the Xpeng G3 SUV and the larger Xpeng P7 sedan. The Xpeng P5 will be made available in Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden by the end of the year and will compete with respectable rivals such as the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3, but relying on a starting price of € 48,000 in the Netherlands. (DKK 390,000, NOK 380,000, and SEK 550,000).

With a more traditional appearance than the first two Xpeng models, the four-door P5 offers 5 seats and 510 liters of trunk. The company talks about a drag coefficient of 0.223 Cd, which makes it one of the most aerodynamically efficient cars in its class.

Xpeng P5, Tesla must tremble?

Models arriving in Europe receive the proprietary driver assistance system Xpilot 2.5. This does not offer the lidar-based features found in Chinese models available with the more advanced Xpilot 3.5 system, but it retains five high-definition millimeter-wave radar units, 12 ultrasonic wave sensors, four guidance cameras and nine other high-perception cameras.

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Powered by a single electric motor that develops 208 hp and 229 pounds of torque, the front-wheel drive P5 snaps from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds and a maximum speed limited to 150 km / h. The new Xpeng model for the European market is based on the same dedicated EV platform as the G3. In European specifications, it receives a 66.0 kWh lithium-ion battery which, according to Xpeng, provides a range of up to 465 km nel ciclo WLTP.