XPG: Headshot mouse and Genesis RAMs win the “Good Design Award”

XPG, Gaming Systems Provider Announces Headshot Mouse and Genesis DDR5 RAM Received Prestigious “Good Design Award”

This is a prestigious award that XPG has managed to win in two products in its range. We will speak, in fact, of the mouse Headshot and of RAM Genesis DDR5. Let’s see them in more detail to find out what prompted the judges to embellish these two products of the award “Good Design Award 2021“.

XPG: Headshot mouse and Genesis RAM win "Good Design Award"

XPG Headshot

This is a one of a kind mouse manufactured via 4D printing. This type of print is used to create the structure mouse with a external reticulated which guarantee lightness and strength. Through this technology it can be customized to suit theergonomics of the mano of every gamer. The three strengths are definitely lightness, ergonomics e design. In addition to the “Good Design Award”, this mouse from XPG also recently won the most influential design award of Taiwan, the “Golden Pin Design Award“.

XPG Genesis DDR5

It is about RAM new generation that aim to offer level performance to gamers. They position themselves as modulo DRAM high-end, sporting a high-quality look and design. Iconic i treatments superficial metal, one shiny is one opaque. The module also uses grooves and geometric lines intersecting and a surface blunt for an extra touch of class.

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