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Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield land on Fortnite

Jill Valentine e Chris Redfield from Resident Evil officially join the team of Fortnite. Let’s find out all the details together.

Resident Evil and Fortnite come together: here are the new skins

Jill and Chris, directly from Resident Evil, are there new horror themed skins added to Fortnite, after those of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Both famous survival-horror stars are now available for purchase in in-game store of Fortnite. They were introduced through a fun teaser video that you can see above.

You can buy Jill and Chris individually for 1,500 V-Bucks each, or have them together in the STARS team bundle for 2,100. No matter which path you take, every character has one skin alternativa. Chris’s second look is the famous Hound Wolf Squad style while Jill’s is the Raccoon City style.

The STARS bundle also includes some extra items. Players will have agrass to wear on the back (which can be green, red or blue) and also one typewriter which can be used for the same purpose. The bundle also features an elegant loading screen di Resident Evil x Fortnite.

If you want more Resident Evil items, the STARS Team Gear Bundle offers players two gifts: a stun stick and theHot Dogger, which is an energy knife developed by the Umbrella Corporation. The prize of this bundle is a umbrella emote suitably equipped with the Umbrella logo.

Over the last few months Epic Games has worked hard to offer players licensed content on Fortnite: they have also recently been added characters from the new movie Dune. We are curious to know what awaits us in the future. For more information about the bundle or the title, you can consult the official website of Epic Games.

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