XPG launches the XPG GRIT site dedicated to gamers

XPG lancia il sito XPG GRIT dedicato ai gamer thumbnail

After several weeks of testing and trials XPG has completed and launched the XPG GRIT site announced during the “extreme innovation” live broadcast in August. It is a site dedicated to gamers where to find articles, videos and more about the world of games: from reviews to useful guides.

XPG GRIT, the new site dedicated to gamers is online

GRIT stands for “Game Reaction Intensity Training”. Within the site will be available, among other things, software that contains a number of training rooms which focus on helping gamers improve their in-game performance. Through the use of artificial intelligence, GRIT can monitor user performance over time and identify specific weaknesses.

Using this information, GRIT will recommend specific exercises to help users improve their skills, essentially acting as a coach of Digital sports. Currently, GRIT is limited to exercises for FPS games only, but XPG is working on expanding the scope to additional genres in the near future.

Although the training software is not yet live, XPG is currently collecting signups from the public to participate in their closed beta. Users can now register on the dedicated webpage of the XPG GRIT site to be able to be part of the development process.

But it doesn’t end there. The website also contains the blog on XPG which includes 3 new publications every week. The posts cover any game-related topic, such as hardware product reviews, game reviews, and helpful guides. The site also has a video library that it adds new videos every week.

XPG recently launched the new memory module DDR4 SPECTRIX D50 RGB ROG-CERTIFIED, developed to work with ROG motherboards and offer uncompromising in-game performance. The module also offers programmable RGB lighting via ROG AURA SYNC software.

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