XPG Starker Air review: Adata’s new case

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In this article we are going to see the review of the Starker Air case. A product designed to offer a new aesthetic but without forgetting the importance of cooling

XPG Datahas always had one gaze Very aesthetic for its products but never forgetting the practicality of them. In this latest launch, the fusion between beauty and utility is strong and clearly visible. Despite the simple lines, the inclusion of some fringes illuminated with an RGB system ensure that a strong and precise personality stands out. The mesh front also succeeds combine the world of aesthetics with that of practicality.

XPG Starker Air review: Adata's new case

Design and Materials | XPG Starker Air review

The Starker Air is a cabinet with classic lines but which is distinguished by some details. The logo screen-printed on an internal part, the triangular power button that pays homage to the brand logo and other little gems do not go unnoticed.

The case is available in two color variants, black and white. XPG provided us with the latter variant for our review.

The materials chosen are able to provide an excellent combination of lightness and resistance. Plastics such as metals chosen and used are able to provide a good general aesthetic result but not only.

Aesthetic side we enjoyed creating a build almost completely made by XPG using in addition to the case also a heat sink, an SSD (here you can read the review of the XPG SPECTRIX S20G) and a series of extensions for the motherboard and VGA cables of the same brand.

What we find outside | XPG Starker Air review

Taking a casual look at the outside of the case, the first thing that catches the eye is the glass Side tempered with a mesh texture capable of passing much more air than usual and at the same time giving a unique line to the front panel.

The front bulkhead can be easily removed making a little pressure outwards. There’s really no shortage of i dust filters which they are scattered around the house at strategic points in an excellent and intelligent way.

Once the front metal part has been removed (the meshed one) the dust filter uses a slide system to be removed. A system as simple as it is convenient. This way you can easily reach the fans for easy cleaning or replacement. For the front we find the possibility to insert three 120mm diameter fans or two 140mm diameter fans. Consequently it is easy to understand that it is possible to insert a 240, 280 or 360mm AIO system. In our case we installed three 120mm fans.

Continuing to talk about the possibility of installing fans and / or cooling systems it is good to remember that up to two 120 or 140mm fans can be installed in the upper part. The same applies if you decide to install a heatsink that reaches a maximum size of 280mm. Too bad you can’t install three fans or a 360mm radiator. However, our choice fell on a good XPG Levante 240.

In the highest and frontal part we find the classic power buttonthe reset one, the input for the 3.5 mm jack of the microphone or headphones, a button dedicated to managing the LEDs pre-installed in the case and two USB 3.0 sockets.

Interior and component installation | XPG Starker Air review

As for the interior, we have numerous possibilities ahead of us. As previously mentioned, we can choose whether to mount a series of two or three fans for the front and two for the top. Even a possible liquid sink with an attached radiator can easily find space.

Inside the case we find the slot for 2.5 or 3.5-inch HDDs. Also not to be overlooked is the possibility of taking advantage of the housing system that allows you to install your video card horizontally or vertically. Obviously this choice implies the need to purchase an extra PCI cable.

The management of spaces and cable routes is well managed and allows us to hide almost every cable giving a clean effect to our build.

Too bad to find inside also only one fan for the rear and another for the front.

Let’s see some technical specifications:

  • Cabinet type: Mid Tower
  • Motherboard compatibility: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
  • Fans included: Front 1 x XPG VENTO 120 Fan / Rear 1 x XPG VENTO ARGB 120 Fan
  • Maximum graphics card length: 350mm
  • Maximum height CPU cooler: 165mm
  • Fan Compatibility: Anteriore: 120 mm x3, 140 mm x2, superiore: 120 mm x2, 140 mm x2, posteriore: 120 mm x1
  • Radiator compatibility: Front: 360 / 280 / 240mm x1, Top: 280 / 240 / 120mm x1, Rear: 120mm x1

XPG Starker Air review: Adata's new case

Who should buy this cabinet from XPG?

In conclusion we are faced with a economic case that allows us most configurations. The design is well thought out and the airflow compartment is also quite good. The only flaw is perhaps that of the limitation in the choice of a cooling system that does not allow the insertion of a 360 mm heatsink.

The effect obtained by multiple components of XPG is certainly an added value and overall we would like to say that even as a single choice this case is worth considering.

good value for money

Plus points

  • Design and construction
  • Adequate dissipation
  • Well done interior

Points against

  • Not compatible with AIO from 360
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