Start shipments of the new HomePod (second generation)

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L’Second generation HomePod arrives in Apple Store from all over Italy: from today you can find the Apple smart speaker. Those who have placed pre-orders online will start receiving deliveries from today: from today you can buy the speakers directly on the site.

HomePod (2nd generation) shipments begin

After announcing them and opening pre-orders, Apple has finally brought the new second generation HomePods to their Apple Storesalso starting to send them to the home of those who have pre-ordered this smart speaker.

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Apple has ensured that it has worked hard to further improve the audio quality of this product, which it has covered with an elegant finish seamless mesh fabric acoustically transparent, as well as 100% recycled. It comes in white or midnight, with a detachable power cord included in the box.

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The new second-generation HomePod‌ has a larger backlit touch surface, but the changes are on the inside. There are inside five tweeter (against the seven of the original model), four far-field microphones (against six) but also new temperature and humidity sensors.

The new ‌HomePod‌ inside has a the S7 chip at Apple in addition to Thread support, an Ultra Wideband U1 chip to support music transfer and 802.11n Wi-Fi. It also supports spatial audio, and you can use two next-generation HomePods for stereo playback.

You can buy HomePod (second generation) directly from today at the price of 349 euro on the Store.

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