Yeedi 2 hybrid review: smart 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner

In this article we will go to see the review of the yeedi 2 hybrid a robot vacuum cleaner that washes and does everything without you (almost) ever having to intervene

Technology at the service of mankind, a concept as simple as ever taken for granted. Technology should make our life easier, unfortunately this is not always the case! Quite the opposite if we talk about this yeedi 2 hybrid. This vacuum cleaner can wash as well as suck. Once the right programming has been made, which are really within everyone’s reach, it will allow you to sit on the sofa watching one of the best TV series on Disney Plus.

Let’s go step by step and find out together why yeedi 2 hybrid is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners currently on the market.

Yeedi 2 hybrid review: smart 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner

Packaging and design | Yeedi 2 hybrid review

The minimal and elegant design of this robot makes it valid for any room or decor. The creamy white chosen for the coloring of this vacuum cleaner makes it elegant and suitable for its insertion even in plain sight. Just hide your vacuum cleaner in a closet and it’s time to put it in plain sight. The chamber at the top also gives it a certain sense of advanced technology, an authoritative yet futuristic tone.

The charging dock is also elegant and very space-saving.

The materials chosen are really solid and do not provide a feeling of fragility. Plastics have no creaking whatsoever. In a nutshell we can promote with flying colors the aesthetic choices and materials chosen by yeedi for its hybrid robot vacuum cleaner.

The contents of the package are also complete. In fact, in addition to our vacuum cleaner, with obvious brushes, filters and necessary tanks, we also find a series of cleaning cloths.

Yeedi 2 hybrid review: smart 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner

Usage and performance | Yeedi 2 hybrid review

I think the part that interests most is its use. Without too many preambles I can say that the strength of this vacuum cleaner / floor cleaner is its accessibility. In fact, you can decide to “tweak” with its app and fully enjoy all its features or simply turn it on and have it clean the house without spending too much time.

Obviously, this yeedi 2 hybrid gives the best of itself by exploiting the application thoroughly.

You can in fact create a mapping of your home, insert virtual barriers, choose the intensity of suction and washing or even choose in which order the rooms will be cleaned (you can also choose to skip one if you wish).

We will deal with all this in a chapter dedicated to its smart functions though. Now let’s see how and how reliable it is in cleaning.

Thanks to the two side brushes and the central multi-surface brush, the robot in question is able to reach every single corner of the house. In addition to the classic dust that accumulates on our floor daily, yeedi 2 hybrid also collects pet hair and small dirt. Just to give some examples, during our tests we scattered a handful of cereals on the floor and everything was vacuumed without any effort.

The robot vacuum cleaner in question is capable of cleaning different surfaces. Precisely for this reason we have left it free to roam free for the living room and kitchen. In these two environments we have placed two different carpets. The first classic kitchen rug made with a synthetic texture and easy to clean, for the living room we decided to complicate the life of the yeedi and we have positioned a short-pile rug that is certainly more complicated to manage. However, thanks to the amortized drive wheels, the robot defended itself very well in the suction phase.

The 240 ml tank is sufficient to vacuum a floor of about 45 square meters before having to be emptied. Obviously, it varies according to the accumulated dirt.

Not just aspiration

Regarding the washing of the floors we can not complain even if what happens is quite obvious. Thanks to the insertion of the tank and the cloth that is recognized autonomously, the robot wets the cloth that is dragged along the surface. It cannot remove really stubborn stains but overall the result is a floor that gives a nice sense of cleanliness. My advice is to choose intensity two (or better still three) of distributed water to have a cleanliness worthy of the name.

A small problem is encountered when you decide to wash the carpets with the water of the cloth. More than once our yeddi 2 hybrid has had some difficulty moving on the wet surface of the short-pile carpet in the living room informing us (vocally and with a notification) that the drive wheels are blocked. This problem can be easily circumvented by inserting a virtual barrier or selecting a lower water level for the carpet.

Really Cool Smart Features | Yeedi 2 hybrid review

One of the most interesting parts of the offer is certainly the app. Once you have followed the really easy and intuitive procedure of pairing with your smartphone, you will unlock a world.

In fact, you can choose the intensity of suction or washing but more importantly, after a couple of uses you will have a mapping of the house that can give you access to countless other options. One above all is the possibility of adding virtual barriers to prevent access to the robot at certain points. I have found this option indispensable in some situations. In fact, by inserting a virtual barrier I denied access to the balconies despite the wide open windows. Then thanks to the fall sensors you can stay calm and also have the areas near the stairs cleaned.

In addition to selecting the inaccessible points, you can set a daily routine complete with schedules. You can choose the language and the sound level, as well as decide to set a time where the robot should not emit any sound (do not disturb mode). The battery is large enough and able to cover a large area but if it is not enough you can give the command to restart the cleaning where it stopped after recharging.

In short, the customization is truly complete. The only flaw is thereit is mandatory to use a 2.4 Ghz connection. In fact, if you try to use one at 5 Ghz, the robot will have frequent disconnections and the mapping will not be performed.

If all this does not interest you, however, do not worry. Thanks to the anti-fall sensors and the front bar, the robot will still be able to clean the house by hitting softly against every obstacle. Sure you will lose much of the technological magic but the cleanup will still be done.

Another defect (if we can define it that way) is the inability to select a multi-level mapi.

In fact, if once the mapping is finished we can decide to have only the selected rooms (or all) cleaned, there is no possibility to save a map that includes several floors. A real shame.

Last but not least the function that allows use through Google Home and Alexa voice assistants. In our tests we used the big G assistant and we were able to start the cleaning cycle and return the vacuum cleaner to the charging dock without too much effort.

Who should buy it?

In conclusion We would like to recommend this robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner to all technology lovers and people who would rather do something else than vacuum.

This yeedi 2 hybrid as mentioned at the beginning of this review is the perfect example of how technology if put at the service of man can really simplify our life. Of course a classic vacuum cleaner could cost a little less but the free time you will get from using this helper will be really a lot and even if it might seem like a cliché, time is priceless.

Even if with some small limitations we can say that with such a low cost you will hardly be able to find such an efficient and complete cleaning system. We just have to congratulate yeedi and hope that soon we can overcome the small limits that this technology still suffers from.

Points in favor

  • Excellent value for money
  • An enviable smart section
  • Top accessories

Points against

  • Obligation to use a 2.4 Ghz connection
  • Single-story mapping
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