Yeedi Mop Station 2 in 1 review: the definitive floor cleaning robot?

In this article we will go to see the review of Yeedi Mop Station 2 in 1, a truly amazing floor cleaning robot

We learned about the Yeedi brand through many reviews and each time we were amazed by some small or big news introduced.

Without taking anything away from the brothers of the brand, we can say without too many hesitations that with Yeedi Mop Station 2 in 1 the level rises a lot.

Obviously the price also goes up but, as you will discover during the review, we believe that this robot is worth (almost) up to the last euro spent.

Faithful but new design | Yeedi Mop Station 2 in 1 review

If so far the aesthetic changes were limited to very few differences between the various models with this Mop Station everything changes.

Not just the charging dock which for obvious reasons takes on different shapes and sizes. The robot itself also changes in shape and style.

More cared for, not that the other models weren’t, more futuristic and even slightly taller.

Let’s start by talking about the dock which obviously takes a preponderant part in the ecosystem and is no longer limited to just acting as a charging unit.

In fact, in addition to recharging our Mop Station the base will wash and dry the cleaning brushes. We will go into details later.

Limiting ourselves to a quick description makes us appreciate that in a such a compact body has managed to contain a system of touch keys and even an accessory compartment. In doing so, every inch of the dock is exploited.

For obvious reasons you will have to deal with a different footprint (51.2 x 47.4 x 45.6 cm).

The robot itself is very similar to the other models but as mentioned it boasts a particular care.

The front is updated with a much wider barrier sensor that provides more authority to the robot while providing it with a futuristic touch.

In the back we find the classic container to contain the water intended for washing the floors and two generous air intakes.

Next to the left air intake we also find the on / off button which is generally located under the upper body.

Another novelty is found in the upper body which remains sealed and no longer hides the power button and the QR Code. Body that gains a glitter effect that makes ours even more elegant Yeedi Mop station 2 in 1.

What do we find in the package? | Yeedi Mop Station 2 in 1 review

The package is really full of accessories. In addition to the obvious robot including its charging station and brush cleaning, we also find a series of accessories.

The brushes supplied are 4. The first two are clearly visible as soon as the carton of accessories is opened, the other two are instead located in the compartment on the front of the dock. We also find a brush useful for cleaning the dock itself.

If all this were not enough, we also find a magnetic barrier that you can install to stop your robot for washing.

Of course, you can also install virtual barriers via the app but we were pleased with this addition to the package.

Suction and washing | Yeedi Mop Station 2 in 1 review

As far as the intake system is concerned, we are in front of the classic engine that we have come to know.

Yeedi Mop Station develops a psuction power of 2500 Pa able to guarantee a good level of suction and cleaning.

The big news obviously lies in the washing system. Instead of the classic cloth that “drags” itself on the floor we find two rotating brushes that are pressed against the floor with a force of 10 N.

By doing this you can get a much deeper cleaning. The nice thing is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning the brushes as everything is done autonomously by the robot through the charging and cleaning base.

In fact, the base contains two separate tanks. The first must be filled with clean water and the second must be left empty.

Once the robot has perceived that the brushes are dirty enough, in a completely autonomous way, it will go to the base to wash the brushes.

Cleaning will obviously start from where it left off and with clean brushes.

Once the floors have been cleaned, the base will do a wash and dry the brushes.

In this respect, a couple of problems are worth noting. First of all, the cleaning time of the brushes and the noise in the action.

The brushes are really dirty in no time despite daily cleaning. Consequently the time taken to clean a couple of rooms it becomes much higher.

Between a break for cleaning and another for washing the brushes the noise of the pump loading and unloading the water will be an unpleasant company.

Regarding the drying of the brushes takes a long time (up to six hours). During this time there will be a barely audible but continuous and sometimes annoying hiss.

In short, despite the convenience of being able to clean the house without doing practically anything, there is a lot of noise to be taken into account and a cleaning that is really too long.

The smart functions remain unchanged and after a few hitches we were able to connect the cleaning system to our Google Home as well.

The application works very well and the carpet detection system, which prevents the washing of essi, is a godsend.

For mapping we advise you to keep the rooms lit as much as possible as the low-light camera works very badly and will not map the rooms properly.

Who should buy it?

In conclusion, we are faced with a robot vacuum cleaner that manages to improve its cleaning performance and becomes even more autonomous.

Too bad for the really too long times and the noises that will keep us “company” during the cleaning itself.

The suction as well as the wash are good and the price quite in line for the general offer.

If you want a robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber with something more with this Mop Station you have found it.

Obviously you would have to deal with the larger footprint and make some compromises but if these problems do not interest you you will be pleasantly satisfied.

Points in favor

  • A good idea
  • More washing power
  • A sophisticated design

Points against

  • Time really too long
  • Noisy brush washing
  • A little expensive