Yeelight Cube review: keyword “personalization”

Recensione Yeelight Cube: parola d'ordine "personalizzazione"

In this review we will analyze Yeelight Cube: a series of customizable light cubes aimed at improving our setup

Yeelighta well-known smart lighting manufacturer, has recently expanded its range with the introduction of Yeelight Cubes. These cubes, available in Matrix, Panel and Spotlight variants, promise to offer an innovative and highly customizable lighting experience. Let’s discover them together in the full review.

Unboxing and first impressions | Yeelight Cube review

The cardboard packaging of the Yeelight Cubes is sturdy and well made. Inside, in addition to the cubes themselves, we find a power cable, a mounting base and a detailed instruction manual. In the case of the bundle that also includes the hub, the latter is also present. Otherwise, we will only find the individual cubes in the package.

The cubes impress with theirs simple and refined design. Made of high-quality plastic with a black matte finish, the cubes convey a feeling of solidity and attention to detail. The front is made of glossy plastic aimed at making the LEDs underneath shine through.

Configuration | Yeelight Cube review

Setting up the Yeelight Cubes is super simple. Simply connect them to the mains using the power cable and follow the app instructions Yeelight Station, available for iOS and Android devices. The modular design of the cubes allows for easy customization and reorganization of the lighting system. Each cube joins the other through magnetic pins, so everything can be easily remodulated to our liking. This means that the system it can be easily moved and rearranged as many times as we want.

If we decided we wanted to setup multiple cube stacks, though, they would each require their own dedicated hub, potentially adding complexity and cost, especially for more intricate setups. Furthermore, the cubes can only be stacked vertically or horizontally, limiting the range of possible configurations that can be achieved, for example, with Nanoleafs.

Yeelight Cube review: key word "customization"

Features and functionality | Yeelight Cube review

The lighting and customization options offered by Yeelight Cubes are extremely diverse. The Cube Matrix, for example, is the most versatile model, equipped with a matrix of 25 individually controllable RGB LEDs to create a vast range of lighting effects.

Il Cube Panelon the other hand, is a panel equipped with 25 RGB LEDs ideal for color gradients and displays of static or animated images.

Finally, the Cube Spotlightwith a single RGB LED, is perfect for creating focal points of light or illuminating specific areas of the room.

App control | Yeelight Cube review

L’app Yeelight Station offers an intuitive and complete user interface for controlling cubes. Through the app it is possible to manage individual cubes or groups, set timers, scenes and automations. The app is also available for Windows PCs, expanding your control options. The cubes offer a wide range of lighting optionsincluding RGB colors, light intensity and custom lighting effects. We will be able to create effects ourselves through the app itself. In our opinion, the watch preset is beautiful, adding a touch of utility to the Yeelight Cube.

Users can save up to eight custom presets and effects directly to the app for quick and convenient access.

These devices are also integrated with the most popular voice assistants, such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. This way you can control the cubes via simple voice commands.

Yeelight Cube review: key word "customization"

Energy efficiency and sustainability | Yeelight Cube review

Yeelight Cubes are not only innovative and customizable, but also energy efficient. Each cube consumes 2 to 2.5 watts, ensuring minimal impact on energy consumption. Furthermore, the LED lifespan of 60,000 hours contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

Yeelight Cube review: key word "customization"

Conclusion | Yeelight Cube review

Yeelight Cubes are an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile and creative modular smart lamp. They offer a wide range of customization options, an intuitive user interface, and an affordable price. They are an excellent choice for those looking for a unique and creative way to illuminate their home. The high price and customization limitations, however, may be a deterrent for some users.

The cost for the single cube is €42.95, while for the cube plus the dedicated hub it is €70.95. However, on the occasion of Black Friday, on the official website you can find exclusive coupons to save a lot.

Points in favor

  • Design modulare
  • Easy installation
  • Ability to create custom effects
  • Aesthetically very appealing

Points against

  • Prezzo
  • Can only be positioned vertically or horizontally
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