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Yehua Wireless HD TX and RX Kit review: the HDMI signal everywhere without wires

In this review we will talk about the Yehua Wireless HD: transmitter and receiver to wirelessly transmit the HDMI video signal

The audio / video signal, carried by the famous HDMI cable, is one of the most complex and heavy signals. Just think, in fact, that only a few years ago we were able to find technologies capable of communicating this data wirelessly, without wires. Today we have the pleasure of reviewing the Yehua Wireless TX e RX Kit. It is a kit including transmitter e receiver capable of carrying your HDMI signal wherever you want. It is a system that does not require an internet connection and is particularly suitable for conferences o home theater. Let’s not get lost in small talk and see how he behaved.

Packaging and unboxing | Yehua Wireless HD Review

The packaging is really very simple, consisting of a white cardboard with product information and, inside, a cardboard box containing the kit. Inside the package we find the transmitter and the receiver (with two antennas that can be mounted). Supplied with a small cable HDMI-HDMItwo fairly long cables USB-A/USB-C per the power supply of the two devices, and the power supply from 5V 2A. Three different grip attachments are also included of the power supply, including that Italian standard. To conclude, an instruction booklet also available in Italian.

Yehua Wireless HD TX and RX Kit review: the HDMI signal everywhere without wires

Technical features

The devices use the protocol IEEE 802.11ac 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. They are also powered at 5V 2A, although in most cases they are able to feed directly from the HDMI port. A receiver can connect with 8 different transmitters, obviously there is only one in the package. The receiver has the following inputs:

  • Headphone jack
  • USB-C for power
  • HDMI input
  • VGA port

The transmitter, on the other hand, has exclusively the HDMI male (which, for example, plugs into the PC) and is powered autonomously by the PC. Alternatively, the USB-C input located on the edge can be used. It may happen that the transmitter does not have enough energy to stream (the status LED in this case will flash) then just power it properly through the USB-C cable.

Design and first use | Yehua Wireless HD Review

Let’s start talking about the really well done design and premium materials. The transmitter is very small, gray on the sides and black on the top. In the center it has the status light and a button useful to stop and resume the data flow. The receiver is also well made, totally in aluminum, with the key on / off on the right side and the small slot for the reset placed beyond under. Obviously, he too has the status LED.

As soon as they came out of the package I immediately carried out a very basic test, that is to connect them within the same room. So I took out the receiver first, connected the two supplied antennas and connected the cable HDMI to one TV. Right after that I took out the transmitter and simply plugged it into my laptop PC’s HDMI port. Within seconds the devices hooked up and started streaming the PC’s HDMI signal directly to the TV. Sometimes this can happen automatism fails, in that case just follow the very simple steps explained clearly on the libretto to pair the two devices “manually”.

Considerations | Yehua Wireless HD Review

I used the device for a few days, not only bringing the laptop’s HDMI signal to the TV within the same room, but streaming to adjacent rooms as well. The manufacturer declares a maximum range in the presence of walls between the two devices 10 meters. In open spaces, however, the range becomes approx 20 meters. I can roughly confirm the measurements declared by the manufacturer. I found the device great for streaming video, or perhaps viewing some document. It is great, for example, to transfer images of one conference give one PC to a TV o ad un projector of a meeting room.

Yehua Wireless HD TX and RX Kit review: the HDMI signal everywhere without wires

There is input lag, and even at very small distances it is felt. It is evident like this cannot be used for video game streaming, at least all those that require quick reflexes and low input lag. However when streaming your monitor, documents or Power Point presentations experience it is more than that enjoyable. The audio also manages to pass through very cleanly and there is no delay in synchronization between audio and video (very important factor).

Conclusions and prices | Yehua Wireless HD Review

I found this Yehua Wireless HD Kit particularly performing and very suitable for uses of office o domestic. Really very simple to connect, extremely intuitive (in my case it literally didn’t help to do anything except connect the devices), and from the professional design and not cheap at all. A product that I therefore feel I can recommend despite the prezzo slightly tall, but which I am sure will solve various problems in the home and professional environment.

What do you think of this product? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading all the notes to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Points in favor

  • Professional design
  • Possibility of connecting multiple transmitters
  • Synchronization between audio and video
  • Experience more than enjoyable

Points against

  • Not suitable for video games
  • Slightly high price
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