Young Cinema Award & First Feature Festival: from 3 to 5 October

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The Young Cinema Award & Prime Works Festival returns from 3 to 5 October 2022, at the Caravaggio cinema in Rome

Young Cinema Award & First Feature Festival: from 3 to 5 October

In Rome, at the Caravaggio cinema, the Young Cinema Award & Festival of Prime Works returns from 3 to 5 October, the historic event organized by the cultural association Cinecircolo Romano chaired by Catello Masullo, which this year reaches its 18th edition.

Program of the XVIII edition 2022: Young Cinema Award & Prime Works Festival

  • It starts on Monday 3 October 2022 at 10:30 am: screening for students: The Book of Vision by Carlo S. Hintermann with a duration of 95 ′;
  • In the early afternoon at 15:00, again on October 3, the following is presented: The Maternal, a film by Maura Delpero;
  • In the late afternoon, ie at 17:00, of the same day: Re crab by: Alessandro de Righi and Matteo Zoppis;
  • As penultimate choice, at 19:00: that’s okay, a film directed and produced by: Francesco Marioni;
  • And finally at 9.15 pm: screening of: The Book of Vision also by Carlo S.
  • With Tuesday 4 October 2022, the day opens, starting with the screening of the film at 10:30 am: The bad poet by Gianluca Iodice for students with a duration of 106 ‘;
  • Following at 16:00, the presentation of Shift, by: Alessandro Tonda, duration 95 ′;
  • Then continuing with a reply at 6:30 pm with: The bad poet;
  • To conclude the day on Tuesday, at: 9.15 pm: Green Gelsomina by: Massimiliano Pacifico.
  • Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 10:30 am: screening for students: Querido Fidel by: Viviana Calò, with a repeat at 16:00, with a duration of 91 ‘;
  • In the early evening instead at 18:30: Up to be happy with: Paolo Cipolletta;
  • As a conclusion at 21:00, Hostages a film by: Eleonora Ivone with a duration of 90 ′.

There will be ten selected works that will compete for the technical prizes. Three works instead for the first prize, precisely the prize: Young Cinema Prize, awarded by the public and by the students of the Education Project for Author Cinema and of the PCTO (Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation).

For the Student Favorite Opera Prize, the following are competing: the artistic and visionary The Book of Vision by Carlo S. Hintermann, the decadent portrait of: The bad poet by Gianluca Iodice and the original, majestic and brilliant Querido Fidel by Viviana Calò .

Young Cinema Award & First Feature Festival: from 3 to 5 October

The other selected films that will animate the event are: Maternal by Maura Delpero, a courageous film that takes a look at the different perspectives of being a woman and a mother. Following: Re crab by Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zoppis: ambitious philosophical reflection on human existence. Then again: Okay like this by Francesco Marioni, a delicate and amusing choral portrait. The Shift by Alessandro Tonda, a refined and convincing debut on the delicate theme of terrorism.

Gelsomina verde by Massimiliano Pacifico, a documentary capable of having a clear point of view without ever judging. Up to being happy by Paolo Cipolletta, a perfect example of real cinema, in which the universal theme of happiness is faced with great truth. Hostages by Eleonora Ivone, who plays with audacity with cinema in general.

Young Cinema Award & First Feature Festival: from 3 to 5 October

Furthermore, all the selected films, following the signing of the 2022 memorandum of understanding between SNCCI (National Union of Italian Film Critics) and AFIC (Association of Italian Film Festivals), are also candidates for the Italian Critics Award (SNCCI). , instituted for the first time in the 18-year history of the Festival, for the 2022 edition. The prize will then be awarded by an independent jury, made up of three critics designated by the Union.

Among other things, among all the novelties of this year, we also find the institution of the award for the best editing dedicated to Mauro Bonanni, one of the greatest Italian editors, who died prematurely this year and winner of the prize for the Best editing at the 2019 edition of the Young Cinema Award & Prime Works Festival, with the film Ride by Valerio Mastandrea.

The jury: Young Cinema Award & Prime Works Festival

The selection jury of the Young Cinema Award & Prime Works Festival is chaired by Catello Masullo, (SNCCI member film critic, president of the Social Critics Award jury at the last 7 editions of the Venice International Film Festival, to follow here is a List listed in alphabetical order of the Young Cinema Award & Prime Film Festival:

  • Ugo Baistrocchi (film historian);
  • Cristina Bini (director of film production);
  • Martine Brochard (internationally renowned actress and artist);
  • Luciana Burlin (in charge of the Cinecircolo Romano’s Education in Author Cinema project and member of the MiC Film Review Commission);
  • Cristina Cano (internationally renowned musicologist);
  • Paola Dei (film critic and cinema psychologist);
  • Roberto Leoni (internationally renowned director and screenwriter, screenwriter of: Alejandro Jodorowski for Sana Sangre);
  • Armando Lostaglio (director, director of Cineclub De Sica);
  • Franco Mariotti (director and film critic, conductor of springs and of the award ceremonies of the Venice International Film Festival);
  • Ernesto Nicosia (president of the 20th century Archives and artistic director of the Santa Marinella Film Festival);
  • Roberto Petrocchi (director, artistic director of Roma Film Corto);
  • Rossella Pozza (journalist, editor-in-chief of the specialized magazine of the Cinecircolo Romano);
  • Antonio Rizzo (filmmaker, journalist, writer);
  • Carlo Sarti (director);
  • Cristian Scardigno (director, artistic director of the Cisterna International Film Festival);
  • Paola Tassone (artistic director of the Tulipani di Seta Nera Festival).

Usual prizes: Young Cinema Award & Prime Works Festival

The prizes that will be awarded are as follows:

  • Special mention by the Jury;
  • Giorgio Fanara Award for Best Actress;
  • Giorgio Fanara Award for Best Actor;
  • Best Direction;
  • Best Screenplay;
  • Best Photography;
  • Best Scenography;
  • Best Costumes;
  • Best Music;
  • Best Makeup;
  • Best Visual Effects;
  • Best First Feature Producer;
  • Best Student Reviews.

We have provided you with all the material of these three wonderful days at the cinema in Rome, now it’s up to you to let us know what you think, write it in the comments.

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