Your favorite drinks, mixed by a molecular printer

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From a refreshing iced tea as hot as it is to an energizing cocktail, through coffee, juices and wine. The new Cana One molecular beverage printer promises to become your trusted bartender, mixing drinks of all kinds. THEl all using aromas but also active ingredients, with the possibility of inserting also alcohol e caffeine in the glasses.

Cana One, the molecular beverage printer

The startup Cana presented the new appliance to put on your kitchen counter (or in hotels, bars and cafes). It looks like an automatic coffee machine or a particularly large citrus squeezer. But it really is all these things and much more.

Cana explains that in all of his drinks (and in almost all drinks in general) find 90% water, with the addition of aromas to create the drink you want. But you can also add sugar, theine, caffeine and alcohol. The latter two, however, can only be addedby entering a PIN codeso that you can use the molecular printer even in a home where there are children.

All your favorite drinks, on a molecular level

The company explains that its team of scientists has been working for years to study all the most common beverages at the molecular level. Researchers therefore have isolated flavors and aromas, to have some basic ingredients capable of replicating a huge variety of beverages.

In this way the basic flavors for all drinks, from various types of soda to fruit juices, passing through wine and cocktails of all kinds, are available at Cana One in the form of printer cartridges. Cartridges that Cana will replace without no cost for users, with replacements that, in any case, should arrive less than once a month.

In fact Cana has a payment model based on the amount of drink you print. The service, in the United States, includes a price ranging from 29 cents to 3 dollars depending on the type of cocktail, with the price visible on the screen. But these are prices that should be lower than in the store. Plus, when you ask for variations in cocktails, you’re sure the robotic bartender won’t forget.

In addition to the aromas, the system requires sugar cartridges e the spirits, both replaced automatically, as well as a cylinder of carbon dioxide for the bubbles.

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The future of beverage?

Cana One is expected to hit the market in early 2023. At the moment, however, customers can pre-order the sbuffer of drinks for $ 99, which will then be returned as the first refill of the drinks. Once on the market, it will cost $ 499 for the first 10 thousand orders, and then rise to 799 dollars reached that threshold. Unfortunately in Italy you cannot book it, although you can leave your contact details to have an email sent to you as soon as it becomes available.

However, it remains to be seen whether the machine will be able to replace products purchased at the supermarket or in the store. Even if the molecular structure should be identical, the idea of ​​an orange juice made by squeezing the fruit or the story of an oenologist on the working of the vineyard could give an extra taste. Maybe not rational, but still full of flavor.

On the other hand, the possibility of to reduce the pollution due to resource production, packaging and shipments (especially international ones) could mark the success of molecular printers. What was science fiction until recently is becoming a reality. But we will succeed in enjoy it in the same way?

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