Your voice is the key: the car of the future unlocks and starts with a voice command

La tua voce è la chiave: l'auto del futuro si sblocca e si avvia con un comando vocale thumbnail

It will be enough for us talk to her and theauto of the future and will open with the voce. After a short time, we return to a topic that is so dear to us at the safety. Above all, the automotive industry never loses sight of technology, which allows it to put ever more performing and cutting-edge cars on the market.

So the car of the future we will open it with voice. There society Spanish Of interior auto Antolinin collaboration with Biometric Vox. And with the support of the electronics supplier AED-Vantage is developing a voice activated access system. This takes advantage of voice biometrics, which identifies a person’s voice by analyzing a series of biometric parameters.

The voice will be the new key to unlock the cars of the future

The program will shape the future of vehicle accessibility, safety and custom configurations. Above all, the project has the mission to improve the user experience.

The car of the future will open with voice, site source

We are increasingly connected and digital. This leads the automotive industry to give drivers cars with services that are up to date with current technology. For the near future they are under development auto smart. Fully connected cars and even autonomous where the vocal biometry will play a very important role.

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The car of the future will open with the voice: the merits of the project

Voice biometrics makes it possible to identify a person through the voice by analyzing a series of biometric parameters. In this way the car will be able to identify the driver’s voice and offer benefits.

Among these is theopening and thestarting the car with the voice. To do it the motorist he will only need his own voce per log into e start the car. The procedure is simple and fast. Above all, you don’t have physical keys.

Once the driver is recognized and authorised, the car will be able to memorize the driver’s settings. Preferences include: seat and mirror placement. Your favorite music, or even read your latest emails or social media posts as an assistant.

The car of the future will open with the voice, safety first

This system is very secure: keys and physical devices in general are susceptible to manipulation or replication. However, a person’s speech biometrics cannot be altered or duplicated. So voice biometrics ensures that no unauthorized person can access the vehicle.

The technology developed by Biometric Vox has been integrated into a Exterior Vehicle Access System, developed by Antolin. This was awarded at the last edition of CES Las Vegas 2023 consumer electronics fair. This convenient and secure access system is a combined software and hardware solution for seamless integration into the driver’s door or any other external area of ​​the vehicle.

Il system include different method Of authentication to access the vehicle: biometric data (voice recognition, face recognition and fingerprint), key digital (mobile app or NFC card) e codice PIN. In this way, the drivers are protected against unauthorized access and theft of the vehicle, requiring, if necessary, double authentication for access.