YouTube: 4K videos may become paid

YouTube potrebbe rendere i video in 4K e 8K esclusiva per gli utenti Premium thumbnail

The closure of Stadia may not be Google’s only big news these days. In fact, several users on Reddit report that YouTube would be testing the possibility of offering videos in 4K and 8K for Premium users only. This means higher quality videos may soon become paid.

In the Reddit post that we attach below you can see how the higher quality playback modes appear Premium exclusive. The screen comes from a user who has obtained a version of the app being tested, as often happens in these cases.

4K video only for YouTube Premium subscribers?

We feel alarmism, chaos and despair. But calm down. At the moment it is not clear how and if this functionality will be introduced. Over the years YouTube has accustomed us to a series of paid features consisting mostly of removal of advertising content. Just think of YouTube Music or, precisely, the Premium service.

This could mean that videos in 4K (or higher quality) may remain available to those who do not decide to subscribe. However, these may have to “endure” a few more advertisements.

We are obviously in the field of hypotheses, and the picture will be more complete when Google decides to provide us with official communications.