ITAS Mutua and Telepass, new agreement for mobility services

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Telepass has signed a partnership with ITAS Mutual, the oldest insurance company in Italy. Customers of both companies will have access to innovative mobility servicesin urban and suburban areas.

Telepass and ITAS Mutua, partnership for mobility

With over 200 years of Italian history, ITAS Mutua has many customers who choose it in the insurance sector. And these customers will now have access to the digital ecosystem of Telepass mobility servicesstarting from the electronic toll system.

Telepass, on the other hand, will propose some insurance products developed by ITAS and conceivable for mobility through its insurtech platform. For example, the more than seven million Telepass customers will be able to have the products of “Instant Insurance“Related to alpine skiing, for which the obligation came from January 1, 2022. (Telepass allows skip-the-line access to over 400 ski resorts).

ITAS will also offer the Telepass subscription free of charge as a distinctive sign, starting with car-related services (tolls, parking, blue stripes, etc.) up to expanding to mobility such as sharing, trains, taxis, etc.

Winning partnership

Alessandro Molinari, CEO and General Manager of ITAS, explains: “This collaboration becomes strategic for us as it allows us to offer our insured members free of charge new services of daily utility to supplement the car insurance. The agreement not only represents a national enhancement of our brand, but pushes our Company into a future in which insurance coverage will have to be increasingly integrated with services for daily use for customers. The interpenetration between digital innovation, mobile services and the fundamental consultancy of our network of agents represents the right mix to guarantee the best possible service, not only to ours. over 800 thousand membersbut also to the vast audience of Telepass customers who, I am convinced, will soon be able to appreciate the seriousness and protection that our Company has guaranteed for 200 years in Italy, knowing how to combine tradition, modernity and the continuous search for innovation “.

Gabriele Benedetto, Chief Executive Officer of Telepass underlines that “In the last year, we have registered an increasing interest from the insurance world in the mobility sector, of which we have always been a leader and of which we have become a case study for the prestigious US University of Harvard. In this context, the partnership with Itas represents a virtuous example with which it is demonstrated how it is possible to create product and service innovation when skills from different sectors are combined. This strategic partnership is added to the others already signed in recent years with companies whose vision and mission we share, while allowing us to continue our path to facilitate the lives of people on the move more and more “.