YouTube: 4K will not be exclusive to Premium users

YouTube: il 4K non sarà accessibile solo agli utenti Premium thumbnail

YouTube confirm the end of the recent “experiment” which had limited access to 4K content to Premium users only of the service. For the moment, in fact, there is no payment system to take advantage of the high-resolution content on the Google streaming platform.

You won’t need YouTube Premium to access 4K content on the platform

4K videos on YouTube remain accessible to everyone, without limitations. The experiment of including 4K as a YouTube Premium bonus has been canceled. For the moment, therefore, nothing changes. All users of the platform will have the ability to watch the available 4K videos.

In futureBut, things could change. For the moment, in fact, YouTube has not confirmed any details regarding future plans. Resolutions higher than 4K, such as 8K, could, for example, become exclusive to the (few) Premium users of the service.

YouTube will continue to study ways to make your subscription more attractive. The attempt to include 4K as a bonus doesn’t seem to have garnered particular acclaim. We will see, in the future, what the company’s choices will be. Of course, the news coming to YouTube will be different.