Samsung Welliving focuses on psychophysical well-being

Samsung Welliving mette al centro il benessere psicofisico thumbnail

Samsung presented his initiative Welliving, designed to raise awareness of the importance of psychophysical well-being, with particular attention to the new generations. The project will start on the Samsung Italia’s TikTok channelspeaking of well-being and technology.

Samsung Welliving: psychophysical well-being at the center

The new initiative will see on the channel TikTok di Samsung Italia take turns some experts like Francesca Picozzi, clinical psychologist, sex counselor and psychotherapist in training. Together with creators like Andrea Bondelli, Giorgia Colella, Ludovica Olgiati.

Talking about well-being is important: it is for 80% of Italians. But even more so for Generation Z, which worries us more both of physical health (91%) that mental (88%), compared to Millennials (76% and 82% respectively), as emerges from the new Trend Radar from Samsung.

For mental well-being, it becomes important to respondents carve out some free time (58%), listening to music (56%) and the choice of devote the right time to friends (42%) e fare sport (38%).

Gen Z is more successful breaks from work (32%) compared to Millennials (25%). In these situations, Gen Z prefers to listen to music (71%) or podcasts (20%), while more Millennials meditate (16). Relatively lower is the practice of talking about it with professionals, 24% for Gen Z and 23% for Millennials.

Great attention, however, also to physical well-being, both for the power supply (75% pay attention to the consumption of sugars) than for the sleep (mostly trying to sleep eight hours, for 41%).

For the‘80% of Millennials and Gen Z, the technology is an important ally for the daily well-being, especially because it makes you feel connected (43%) and entertains (41%). Samsung already focuses on this combination in many products, from Galaxy smartwatches to air purifiers for the home or appliances. But with Welliving, he wants to talk about it directly. Follow this interesting program on TikTok.