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YouTube cracks down on ad blocking during videos: Here’s how

News from the world YouTube: one is in progress crackdown on advertisements on a global scale, showing notifications of service violations of the video platform itself. YouTube works like this: it prevents more videos from being viewed unless users disable their ad blockers.

YouTube against blocking ads by users

The video platform warned users about the obligation to disable ad blocking in June. Ads, as we know, are an important means for the video platform to remain free.

For this reason, YouTube is aiming to get its users to subscribe to the Premium versionso as not to have advertising but still receive compensation from those who use the platform.

The company confirmed that last year it had well 80 million paying users between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. It tried to increase this number, through paying for 4K videos or placing ads that couldn’t be ignored. Not only that: the company inserted even longer advertisements, and this led even more users to sign up for the Premium version.

youtube stories stop deleting min

Longer ads

In fact, watching YouTube on TV is about to become more frustrating than ever if you don’t subscribe to the Premium service because it would mean put up with more advertising. The 30-second ads will be available to advertisers through YouTube Select. The company claims that 70% of YouTube Select views come from TV, making it the ideal platform for longer ads.

A few months ago, YouTube also announced that it will begin testing advertisements that appear when the viewer pauses a video on the TV. This is a feature similar to the paused ads feature launched by Hulu a few years ago and which YouTube has renamed “break experiences”.

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