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Resident Evil 9: according to a rumor the budget is the largest ever

DuskGolem strikes again: the “largest budget ever” will, according to a rumor, be used by Capcom for the development of Resident Evil 9

Given the current state of grace of the franchise, the future of Capcom’s horror series looks more prosperous than ever, especially now that a rumor suggest a stratospheric budget for the benefit of Resident Evil 9 (which we will call that, on trust, for brevity). With the remake of the fourth episode and the Separate Ways DLC now behind us, the insider Dusk Golem wanted to shed light on the future of the darkest saga of the Japanese company. As you can see below, Insider Gaming reported a recent discord message from the well-known leaker, according to which the investments in the next adventures of Chris, Leon and company far exceed what has been seen so far.

The leak about Resident Evil 9’s crazy budget

Among the other details shared, we highlight a possible release in 2025, unless development goes really, really fast (like Resident Evil 4 did). The insider also reiterated that the development process is the same party in 2018, expected to be the longest ever. The ninth episode of the lucrative survival horror series will be “conclusive” for many story arcs, while also providing a further opening for the future. Since the seventh chapter, only two years (2018 and 2022) have been without the legendary saga of Shinji Mikami, so it remains to be seen what the publisher has in store in the coming years. Especially considering that this narrows the field on the surprise bomb for 2024…

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