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YouTube introduces a function against AdBlockers (which block advertising)

YouTube introduces a function against AdBlockers (which block advertising) thumbnail

YouTube has implemented a function that prevents use ad blockers on its platform. A pop-up alert informs you that adblockers are not allowed and asks users to allow ads or opt for a paid subscription, YouTube Premium. For the moment, those who use Adblocker can simply close the warning and continue watching streaming videos. But it is expected that anyone using adblockers will soon no longer be able to watch videos on the platform.

YouTube blocks AdBlockers with a new feature

The pop-up notice states: “Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube. You can avoid advertising with YouTube Premium and creators can still get paid from your subscription.”

YouTube’s decision sparked immediate backlash from some users, who expressed frustration on social media. Some even said that they will stop using the very popular platform rather than watching advertising.

People have gotten used to it to free use of the Internet, but a change is emerging towards payment and subscription modelsthe. YouTube Premium offers an ad-free experience and additional features like background playback and cross-device use.

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With this popup, it seems that YouTube wants to push towards a paid model for those who can’t stand ad interruptions. An interesting choice, while many video streaming services have implemented ad-supported subscriptions to reduce costs for users by increasing the price of ad-free subscriptions.

Most YouTube users were already faced with the choice: Pay, accept ads, or stop using the service. Those who used Adblockers were trying not to pay and avoid ads: but they will soon find themselves faced with the same choice.

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