Grenadier and Quartermaster Pick-Up debut in Viareggio

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At the International Off-Road Vehicle Fair in Viareggio (13-15 October), the public will have the opportunity to experience the INEOS Grenadier 4X4 first-hand during open test drives

Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the main features of the Grenadier Station Wagon at Expo Area 8 and to test drive on an off-road route during the entire weekend, starting from 1pm on Friday 13 October.

Grenadier and Quartermaster Pick-Up debut in Viareggio

INEOS Grenadier and Quartermaster: the Italian off-road vehicle emerges in Viareggio

In addition to test drives of the Station Wagon, visitors to the show will also be able to admire the second model range of INEOS Automotive. The brand new pick-up INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster will make its debut in Italy after being presented at world level in the month of July.

The Quartermaster combines the excellent features of the Grenadier Station Wagon with greater cargo versatility, offering superior off-road performance. This pick-up boasts an impressive ground clearance of 264 mm, a fording capacity of 800 mm and unbeatable approach, departure and overtaking angles among production pick-ups.

The International Off-Road Vehicle Fair will take place on an exhibition area of ​​over 11,000 square meters along Viale della Darsena in Viareggio, with free entry. The event attracts enthusiasts from every corner of Italy, as it is dedicated to off-road vehicles.

The INEOS Grenadier 4X4, combining British style and German engineering, represents a vehicle off-road without compromisesknown for its robustness, versatility and modern comfort, combined with refined details and high quality standards.

Stefano Gavioli, Regional Business Manager Italy & Greece, INEOS Automotive, will speak during
the opening conference (13 October, 11.30 am): “Participation in the International Fair
of the Viareggio Off-Road gives us the opportunity to invite outdoor enthusiasts to try the
Grenadier and experience the fun and challenge of off-road driving. We are also happy
to present the new Quartermaster for the first time in Italy. This second model
expand our offer for those who need even greater load capacity with
superior off-road performance.”

Grenadier and Quartermaster Pick-Up debut in Viareggio

INEOS Grenadier everything we know

INEOS Grenadier is conceived as an off-road vehicle that stands out for its versatility, robustness and comfort. Its box-section frame houses robust rigid axles, a two-speed gearbox and up to three locking differentials.

It comes with BMW 3-liter inline six-cylinder engines. Both diesel and petrol, appropriately overhauled to adapt to the needs of the vehicle. This versatility translates into features such as a 70:30 split tailgate, integrated roof bars, pre-wiring for accessories and auxiliary lights, as well as a sit-on front bumper.

One approach open source for accessories allows owners to customize the vehicle based on their specific needs.

The interior of the Grenadier they are meant to deliver practicality and functionality, without neglecting the comfort and technology typical of a modern and practical vehicle. Switches are intuitively arranged, a central screen for the infotainment system offers access to a wide range of information and setting options, while a roof console allows you to manage auxiliary controls for off-roading.

With a washable rubber floor covering, robust Recaro seats and numerous storage options, the Grenadier is ready to take on any adventure or challenge in life.

The Grenadier Station Wagon and Quartermaster versions will be on display in Area 8 of Expo in Viareggio, in Viale Europa. The Grenadier test drive reception desk is located at the entrance to Area 8.

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