YouTube is preparing to bring PiP mode to iOS devices

YouTube porta la modalità PiP su dispositivi iOS thumbnail

21 november, Kyiv Ukraine: white iphone on keyboard with youtube sign, close up

YouTube has stopped testing for the PiP mode (Picture in Picture) for users iOS and iPadOS. The end of the test phase, however, does not mean a stop to the project. This mode will be back shortly and will be available to all users. The confirmation came directly from YouTube. Here are the details on what’s coming to the app.

YouTube is preparing to release PiP mode: the test is over

With the PiP mode it is possible to view the video inside a floating window, thus allowing you to open another app without interrupting the viewing. This mode has long been in testing for the YouTube app on iOS and iPadOS. In these hours, however, the test is over. This is not a project cancellation. The company confirmed on Twitter in fact, that the release of the new mode, for all users, will arrive in the next few days. Soon, therefore, it will be possible to use the PiP via YouTube.

Serve iOS 15+

In order to have access to YouTube’s PiP mode you will need to have a device with iOS or iPadOS in version 15.0 or newer version. More details regarding the actual features of this new app feature will arrive over the next few days. Google has confirmed that YouTube’s PiP feature is “in the release phase”. Therefore, there will soon be important updates on the issue.

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