Jya Fjord Pro review: an extraordinary air purifier

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In this article we will go to see the review of the Jya Fjord Pro a smart air purifier that does not hide its tech soul

Probably not everyone is familiar with the Jya brand. Although the brand subject in this review is very famous overseas and has won numerous awards in the European hemisphere, it has just arrived.

To make her work known, Jya also chose us among the online newspapers to test and tell about her products.

We at TechGameWorld.com have more than willingly accepted the assignment and after about three weeks in the company of their top-of-the-range Jya Fjord Pro purifier we are ready to give you our opinion.

Aesthetics and materials | Jya Fjord Pro review

The design chosen by Jya for her Fjord Pro is quite classic but as mentioned it does nothing to hide its more technologically advanced soul..

On the front we find an opaque silver body which is interrupted by the black front grille, essential for air intake. At the very end of the grid, a linear LED appears which will change color according to the quality of the air.

On the upper part of the front we find the brand logo on the left side and a display with OLED screen on the right side.

The screen will be crucial to keep the air values ​​in our home under control e thanks to the touch functions it will also serve us to select some parameters. We will return to this screen later now let’s continue with our roundup of information on materials.

On both sides we still find this elegant gray. As for the rear, the design repeats the front with both hands. In fact, we find in the hidden part another black grille on a silver body.

This time the grid is removable with the push of a button and will allow us to reach the filter. Just above we find a small perforated grill and other small air intakes all designed to hide the various sensors for assessing air quality and more.

In the upper part we find the flaps that will open or close the base as needed or according to your choices. A very welcome gem is instead where our Jya Fjord air purifier propoggia on the ground. In fact, on the lower side we find comfortable wheels able to slide our purifier effortlessly. It’s just a pity that the wheels are locked on the horizontal axis and can’t slide even by pushing the Fjord forward or backward.

As for the materials, the plastics are solid and there are no creaking whatsoever.

Let’s see together the technical sheet | Jya Fjord Pro review

Before getting to know this air purifier in the field through our tests, we believe it is useful to take a few minutes to rattle off the main information of the product.

  • Possibility to purify up to 66㎡ in one hour.
  • 12220L of air recycled per minute.
  • 99.95% protection from bacteria, viruses, pollen, formaldehyde and smoke.
  • Control via touch display, application or voice assistant.
  • Ultra quiet do not disturb mode.
  • Adjustable grid in three angles (30 °, 60 ° and 90 °).
  • Ability to control room temperature and humidity

In short words it seems that Jya with her Fjord Pro has really thought of everything.An exceptional purification system, a series of controls to please everyone, a beautiful design and even a quiet mode function.

Now let’s find out how he really behaved on the pitch, indeed at home!

Jya Fjord Pro review: an extraordinary air purifier

Tests and features Review Jya Fjord Pro

When switched on fully automatically, the Jya Fjord will start a scan of the air for a first evaluation. On the display we will see numbers ranging from the minimum of the scale which is 0 to its maximum which is marked by the number 600.

Any impurities in the air will also be clearly distinguished on the display. The POLLEN or TVOC writings will take on a different color based precisely on their presence. Also from the screen you can decide with a switch to the right to go to know the other features.

You can indeed position the air outlet using the three variants angle of the fins, adjust the brightness of the display on 4 different intensities, connect the WI-FI, check the wear of the filter, set the night mode (or automatic) or again keep an eye on any impurities in the air.

During our days in the company of Fjord and despite our luck in living in an area with little traffic, we realized that support is really continuous and important.

With every puff of e-cigaretteeven if very distant, the air purifier he amazed us by never losing an opportunity to point out that the air was no longer so pure. The scale of impurities rises and with it the purification starts and the notification LEDs review all the colors up to red and then return to more reassuring shades.

Obviously, the usefulness was also noticed during the culinary phases. In fact, when we decided to put our air fryer aside, to cook in the traditional way we realized that the smoke deriving from some chicken wings or from grilled zucchini was dissolved in a few moments.

In few words, in addition to the excellent cleaning functions from bacteria, pollen and fumes, a non-negligible part of daily use is added.

Using the app also extends the convenience of being able to do everything you can do from the touch screen while sitting comfortably on the sofa. In addition, it will give us a more complete idea of ​​the quality of the air.

The application, like the connection to the WI-FI network, is very simple and does not require particular skills or knowledge of home automation.

Who should buy this air purifier?

In conclusion, we are faced with a product that reaches enviable air purification standards.

The Jya Fjord Pro can quickly and accurately purify rooms even of several square meters. The smart part is well thought out and functional, the same lends itself to the most demanding people, more “tech addicted”, but also to those who are not very familiar with the world of the most advanced technology.

The possibility of eliminating fumes, odors, bacteria and fine dust, especially for those who live in the city, is something not to be underestimated.

Obviously the intrinsic technology of this product, the excellent materials and the well-characterized design raise the price and not a little. The price for the Pro version of Jya Fjord, the one tested in this review, costs € 499 with the possibility of receiving a discount for a few more days.

If you are interested in saving a hundred euros, you could consider the “basic” version of Fjord which would cost you only 359 euros thanks to the discount applied.

Points in favor

  • Attractive design
  • Lots of purification functions
  • Complete Smart Part

Points against

  • A little expensive
  • The wheels only move horizontally
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