YouTube is testing streaming TV channels with ads

YouTube sta testando lo streaming di canali TV con pubblicità thumbnail

The world of television and that of the web have always looked at each other with diffidence. Of course, the broadcasters had to adapt – just think of RaiPlay – but the two universes still appear separate today. Apparently though YouTube would like to fill this void by testing it stream TV channels absolutely free. At the base, of course, there is a model supported by the airing of advertising.

The Wall Street Journal reports that YouTube would already be testing the new feature that would allow the company to air entire TV stations on its platform. The process will obviously require agreements with individual television channels.

How TV channels will work on YouTube

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that the tests are currently underway and are reserved, as often happens in these cases, to a limited audience of users. The result is that YouTube could contain a dedicated section, as is already the case for platforms come of the year.

The great revolution in this sense lies in the management of revenues by Google. The Wall Street Journal reports that YouTube could offer broadcasters deals based on ads generated in streams. Again according to data from WSJ YouTube would keep 45% of the profitsleaving TV channels with 55% of revenue from advertising.

It is also believed that YouTube has already entered into agreements with NFL Sunday Ticket, which would allow it to broadcast games of the National Football League, the top tier of American football.

In another news story, Apple has expressed interest in acquiring the rights to the Premier League, top English football league. Cupertino has already obtained the rights to exclusively stream the American league of the Major League Soccer. Television and the web have never been so close, and it seems to be sport that unites the two worlds.