YouTube: Picture in Picture on iOS, here’s how to activate it on iPhone

YouTube: come attivare il Picture in Picture su iOS thumbnail

Since the beginning of this summer YouTube started testing the Picture in Picture (PiP) functionality on iPhones, in order to provide an extra service to all users who use iOS. The function is not yet simply integrated into the app. But you can use this very simple method to make it work, if you are a subscriber to YouTube Premium.

YouTube: how Picture in Picture works on iOS

YouTube Premium is the paid service that introduces enhances the basic experience of Google’s streaming app. Not only does it give you the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive videos and eliminate advertising but it allows you to use features that other users do not have access to. It also allows you to use the new ones experimental features.

The news are available for a limited time and can be found at At this time and until 9 September you can, for example, test the translation of comments, for both iOS and Android. But iPhone users can try the feature as well Picture in Picture until October 31st.

To use this feature, “while watching a video, swipe up (or press Home) to close the app and continue watching in a mini player. ” YouTube Premium Android users have already been able to try this feature, which is very useful for replying to messages or doing a short web search while watching a video.

YouTube points out that for now if you lock your phone you will have to resume playback from the lock screen. But they are “working to fix these inconveniences and give you a better experience.”

How to activate PiP on iPhone?

To take advantage of this new function, all you have to do is:

  • Go to this address and make sure you are logged in to yours Account Google
  • Scroll to find “Picture in Picture su iOS
  • Click on “try it

Done! We told you it was simple. Now all you have to do is start watching a video and then close the app. This functionality will remain in the experimental phase until October 31st. It could mean that from this year’s Halloween the PiP will arrive on all iPhones. We will keep you posted.

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