Maya and the Three: Netflix reveals the official teaser of the series

The official teaser of the animated series Maya and The Three has been revealed by Netflix. The epic of the Mayan warrior voiced by Zoe Saldana, in an ambitious animated series halfway between cinema and seriality

Unexpected revelation from Netflix, with the release of the official teaser of the animated series Maya and the Three. Considered an ambitious experiment halfway between cinema and seriality; the future series will follow the courageous events of the young warrior Maya.

Direct and produced by Jorge R. Gutierrez (The Book of Life), will have the famous actress as its protagonist voice Zoe Saldana (known as Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). The screenplay is written by the director himself with the help of Silvia Olivas, Doug Langdale and Candie Kelty Langdale.

Maya and the Three: Netflix’s adventurous Fantasy epic

A warrior princess. An ancient prophecy to fulfill. A legendary world divided into four kingdoms, where magic seems to merge with reality. A thousand events seem to follow one another in the adventurous journey beyond all time, touching the distant Mesoamerican culture. It will then be Maya’s task to gather three strong warriors to save the world of men and gods.

The official teaser leaves no doubt about the expectations of the new Netflix project. An animated series divided into 9 chapters, with a deep connection to Mesoamerican and South American culture and art. As also stated by the director Jorge R. Gutiérrez:

Our young heroine is inspired by the real Mexican warriors in my life: my mother, my sister and my muse, my wife. I can’t wait for audiences of all ages to discover Maya and the Three and join this fun, epic and thrilling adventure to defeat the gods of the underworld and save the world.

No official release dates are currently known. According to various sources, it will probably be released on the Netflix platform in the course of next autumn.

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